Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Unite Against Fascism's Statement on the Conservative Party


By Weyhayman Bennett, Martini Smiff, Dave Spart, Sir Alex Theodore Callinicos, Lord Charles Nicolas Kimber and other members of the UAF-SWP Dance Collective


We campaign against the Conservative Party because…

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY IS A RACIST PARTY, particularly targeting Muslims, blacks and the poor with its unfair, racialist and discriminatory immigration and benefits policies. This is a party which has only allowed a paltry two million immigrants into the UK since 2010!

What better proof or racism and bigotry could there be?

The Tories have attempted to stir up Muslimophobia, racistoids and hatred with their bigoted patriotic speeches and asylum policies. They want to divide our communities: the poor from the even-poorer, Muslims from the dirty kuffar, black from the white, and red from brown-types.

They claim to oppose ‘extremism’ but Tory supporters have been filmed saying nasty things about Islam and immigrants.

For example, one member (from far-right Rotherham) said that “Muhammed wasn't that nice”. Another Naziracistfascistbigot said:

Does Islam really mean 'peace'? Really? Are you pulling my leg or something? So does that mean that the Pope is a Protestant and Weyhayman Bennett is the Lord of Hackney and Tower Hamlets?”

The Tories are also contributing – with their (neo)neoliberal policies– to a climatechange of fear, hate and fear; as well as to a climate of bigotry, hate and fear.

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY IS RIDDLED WITH FASCISTS.It has had close connections to the National Front going back to the 1560s. In the 1930s it was very closely connected to the German Internationalist Socialist Workers Party (which was, of course, led by Eddie Elizabeth Hitler). Between the 1960s and 1980s, the ultra-fascist Monday Club (which once included our very own Teddy Taylor) was essentially a Tory club. And there were its connections with neo-racist and very-white Rhodesians. David Cameron himself once walked on the same side of the street as Nick Griffin and Mother Theresa May once refused to wear a black dress. Cameron and Osborne also went to the same public school as someone who knew the second cousin of Nick Griffin's pet dog. (We have evidence of this from the SWP's Callinicos and Kimber – who went to the same public school.)

Many more former members of the BNP, the Internationalist Front and the League of Saint Corbett have also been active in the Conservative Party.

Conservative supporters have also frequently been photographed giving Eddie Hitler’s ‘sieg heil’ salute, being critical of Lenny Henry's superlative comedy and refusing to buy delicious halal meat.

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY IS VIOLENT in its support of endless capitalist wars and the incarceration of Muslim freedom fighters in the torture chambers and concentration camps of Guantanomo Bay - a place in which literally millions of Muslims have been murdered and tortured.

The Tory Party's core supporters are members public-school gangs who've joined forces to form a Capitalist Class to rob poor Leftist professors, social workers and lawyers and give it to the Far-Right Rich.

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY IS A DANGER TO US ALL. It started by targeting the poor. Now it targets Muslims, immigrants and Marxist professors. It's increasingly aiming its neo-neoliberal violence and neo-fascism at other traditional targets of the Further Right: trade-onionists, anti-aunties, and anti-cuts protestors; as well as at nice Muslim people and black-types. All with the manufacturing of consent that's daily carried out by the Daily Mail and Rotherham Advertiser.

Conservative Party leader ‘David Cameron’ has issued vocal threats to university students protesting about having to pay tuition fees in order to become members of the Leftist Elite.

THE CONSERVATIVE LIES when it claims it has the support of minority groups such as Hindus, Sikhs and Marxists. Its attempts to recruit from these groups have failed miserably and any who do join the Tory Party are Uncle Toms with clinical-diagnosed False Consciousness.

Moderate Muslim organisations (such as al-Qaeda, the MCB and Hezbollah) have all spoken out publicly to condemn the Conservative Party's Muslimophobia and anti-immigration policies.

THE TORIES ARE TRYING TO CREATE A CAPITALIST DICTATORSHIP to terrorise ethnic-minority communities and Marxist professors... as well as the poor.

In the end, Unite Against Fascism believes that the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is the only party which can be trusted. Capitalism and democracy have always caused racism, war and poorness. Thus we call for a Dictatorship of the Proletariat under the rule of Sir Alex Theodore Callinicos, Lord Charles Nicolas Kimber and Weyhayman Bennett.

UAF also calls for a broadening of the “no platform” policy into a Universal Gulag Policy in which all Nazifascistracistbigotswill be used as forced labour to feed the tens of millions of immigrants we would then allow into this country.

Embrace Diversity.

Make your Community Cohesive.

And Viva la violent Revolución!

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