Thursday, 5 March 2015

Russell Brand on Jihadi John


Russell Brand - just like all the other Leftist whores of Islam - is providing us with further rationalisations for what Jihadi John did. Then again, “revolutionary socialists” provide rationalisations for what all Islamic killers and terrorists are doing (as well as for what they've already done in the past): no matter how bad their crimes are.

As ex-SWP super-whore John Rees (Stop the War Coalition, the People's Assembly, Iran's Press TV, Counterfire, etc.) also knows: Muslims have been the best tools in the revolutionary toolkit since gays, women and the working class. (All of whom have failed in their duties to the middle-class university-based Left.)

And, of course, Leftists like Russell Brand never mention that perfect elephant in the room: Islam.

Russell Brand is now offering us some more of those recent psychoanalytic/psychological reasons for why Jihad John did what he did. Still, it makes a change from the usual Marxist socioeconomic cop-outs.

Yet if Islamic jihadists and killers can have their crimes explained away with psychotherapy/psychology, then so too can all criminals and killers. Indeed all those who commit misdeeds of any kind can have their deeds explained away.

So would Russell Brand like to do the same for what he calls “Tony Blair's crimes”?Perhaps Mr Blair was bullied as a child.

What about “corporate bosses” – they may do what they do for reasons of psychology or childhood trauma.

What about Nazifascistbigots!? Is Russell Brand going to explain their views and actions away and stop foaming at the mouth when he mentions them?

Of course he isn't!

Russell Brand and Leftists generally choose their targets very carefully.

Muslims kill because of MI5 “bullying”, or racism, or unemployment, or past colonialism, or the price of bread, etc.

Capitalists exploit”, "racists kill", “neo-cons wage war”, etc. because they're evil : not because they were bullied, because they were once poor, etc. (Manichean Leftists, of course, rarely use the word“evil”.)

Russell Brand also uses the word “alienation” in relation to Jihadi John.

Alienation”is a standard Leftist word too. (More correctly, it's Marxist.) Yes, it's yet another Leftist theory-based cliché.

When you become a revolutionary socialist (as Mrs Brand did a couple of weeks ago), then you simply must use terms like “alienation”; as well as “Zionist”, “neoliberal”, “corporate bosses”, etc. Though that should only be after you've bought the compulsory Che Guevara t-shirt; which is almost as de rigueur as being against Israel.

And just Brand doesn't use psychoanalytic rationales for bankers' behaviour, or the behaviour and beliefs of Tony Blair or Cameron, so he would never say that bankers, Tony Blair/Cameron, "corporate bosses", etc. suffer from “alienation”. Again, Russell Brand isn't really doing psychoanalysis or psychotherapy at all – he's doing politics.

You see, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters to juvenile Leftists like Russell Brand (who's 39/40) is blaming the West (or “capitalist states”) and completely excusing jihadists, Muslim terrorists, etc. In other words, it's all about furthering the Revolution (it's Brand who uses the platonic capital, not me): it's not really about what is the case.

Russell Brand, basically, believes he's “lying for Justice”. I simply can't believe that even such a politically feckless person as Brand can genuinely believe this stuff about Jihadi John. Or at least not without also applying the very same reasoning to every killer, criminal and (as I said) “greedy banker” and “corporate boss”.

Russell Brand is being politically hip. People should never underestimate how important hipness (in this case, political hipness) will be to a vain, narcissistic (politically) shallow person like Mr Brand.

Russell Brand is also a perfect member of the Leftist "tribe of independent minds". That Leftist Tribe whose members all dress the same, read the same books, use the same soundbites/jargon and tend to mention Chomsky, "Zionism" and "neoliberalism" in every other sentence.

*) See my American Thinker piece on Russell Brand: 'Russell Brand: Revolutionary, Prophet & Prettyboy'.

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