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Unite Against Fascism's (Sabby Dhalu) Marxist Analysis of UKIP


There's an election coming up in the United Kingdom. It will be held on the7th of May 2015.

On the 7th of May (or the day after), it's quite possible that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will topple a two-party (sometimes three-party) system which has existed in British politics for well over one hundred years.

So what, exactly, is UKIP offering the British public?

UKIP's primary political positions are the complete withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and a halt to all International Socialist political and social experiments in mass immigration. (Unmandated experiments, need I say, on the British people.)

Predictably, then, Leftists have called UKIP a “racist party” and “far right”(the latter basically being a neologism for “fascist” or even“Nazi”). That’s not a surprise: such people call virtually all those who dare to disagree with them (or to the Right of Che Guevara/Trotsky) “racist” or “far right”.

The“Class Nature” of UKIP... & of UAF

Sabby Dhalu, a spokesperson for Unite Against Fascism (UAF), once offered us a thoroughly Marxist “class analysis” of UKIP.

She began by saying that

[f]ar from being a working-class party, Ukip is a reactionary multimillionaire-sponsored creation”.

(All this is from an article for the Communist Party of Britain's newspaper,Morning Star.)

The thing is, even if UKIP were a working-class party, UAF-SWP would still offer a negative Marxist class analysis of that fact too.

For example, the middle-class Leftist problem with the EDL was once that it was full of “white working-class knuckle-draggers”. Then another former leader of Sabby Dhalu's very own UAF, Martin Smith, said that it isn't a working-class movement at all: it's really a“petite-bourgeois” one. He said that “many [EDL] come from petty bourgeois professions –the classic base of fascism”. (Yes, Trotskyists are still using these quaint archaic terms.)

In any case, UAF and many other Leftists have more or less admitted that most UKIP supporters are working-class. Nonetheless, in the classic Marxist conspiratorialist style, they also argue that it's led by“reactionary multimillionaires” who simply and very easily hoodwink all its working-class supporters. And of course the workers are hoodwinked because they're thick. Or, in Marxist-speak, they have“false consciousness”. In fact the middle-class whites of UAF and Hope Not Hate also think that black and Asian supporters of UKIP are“Uncle Toms” who also suffer from false consciousness: i.e., they're not Leftists. (See this article on UAF-SWP racism towards UKip non-white supporters.)

What all these Marxist “analyses” have in common is that what UKIP -or UKIP Uncle Toms - believes is of absolutely no consequence. It's the “class nature” of UKIP that really matters – not its values and concerns. Actually, in the Marxist picture, the values and concerns of UKIP are completely determined by the “class structure”of its leaders and supporters; as well as by today's “socio-economic realities”.

Thus Sabby Dhalu's article is an even cruder version of the already crude Marxist “materialist analyses” (or tarted-up ad hominems) we've had to put up with for the last 150 years or so.

Yet if class and socio-economic conditions are literally everything, then that must also apply to UAF and indeed this article by Sabby Dhalu.

So what is the class nature of Unite Against Fascism?

It's overwhelming made up of white, middle-class people. Indeed many in the higher ranks are upper-middle-class. Not only that: English universities provide almost the entire “socio-economic environment”of UAF-SWP activities and members. And that's forgetting the the professors/lecturers who make up many of UAF/SWP's leaders and the overwhelmingly middle-class students who make up its foot-soldiers.

Now isn't all that a perfect subject for a Marxist “class analysis”?

UAF Lumps All Immigrants Together
Sabby Dhalu's Marxist analysis continues. She says that

[i]mmigrants are being wrongly blamed for the cost-of-living crisis as a result of the Tory-led coalition’s austerity measures”.

But didn't Dhalu say that UKIP is made up of “millionaires”? Are such millionaires also suffering from the “cost-of-living crises”?

Except, as a Marxist, she'll now claim that UKIP millionaires hoodwink their stupid working-class supporters. However, remember here that the SWP's Martin Smith said that the membership - not even the leadership - of the EDL is “petite-bourgeois”. So if that's true of the EDL, surely it must be even truer of UKIP.

Apart from all that, I've heard any heard a UKIP supporter - or anyone else for that matter - blame immigrants for the “cost-of-living crisis”.Some may have done so, sure. Though it's hardly a prime determinant of why people have voted for UKIP. Instead, when it comes to immigrants, it's to do with mass immigration and its effects on communities. It's about the rise of Muslim ghettos and Islamisation in the UK. It's also about Roma criminality and whatnot. None of this has anything directly – or even indirectly - to do with poverty or unemployment.

And even when immigrants do take the jobs of the native British (which they do), this has largely been the result of the experiment in mass immigration on the British people (between 1997 and 2010) which was carried out by the Labour Party for political and ideological (not economic!) reasons (which Sabby Dhalu would definitely sympathise with). It had almost nothing to do with economics or jobs. It was ideological and political from head to foot. Indeed it was very much in tune with what UAF and the SWP believes.

And the voters' consequent anger was primarily aimed at the fact that it all occurred behind their backs and without any public mandate whatsoever. It was largely the politics of this Leftist experiment that enraged voters; not unemployment or jobs. And that's precisely why Sabby Dhalu focuses all her energy on shop-worn and monotonous Marxist analyses of mass-immigration economics and not on the politics and ideology which drove it.

Such is the crudity of Sabby Dhalu's Marxist analysis and the obsessive way in which Leftists try to make reality (or the facts) fit Marxist theory/theology rather than Marxist theory/theology fit reality (or the facts).

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