Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Young Disciple of Leftist Theology Speaks


Charlie Kimber & Sir Henry Kimber, 1st Baronet

When I woke up that morning, I simply didn’t know I had False Consciousness. What I did know was that I was going to attend my first Socialist Workers Party meeting (at the Hackney branch). By the morning after that meeting; I was fully cured. I'd lost my False Consciousness and now had True Consciousness. A Marxist consciousness. An SWP consciousness.

I listened to the wise words of Lord Alexander Theodore Callinicos and Sir Charles Nicholas Kimber (of the Central Church), read the front page of Socialist Worker and almost a full footnote of Chomsky's. (I also tried to read Russell Brand's Revolution; though I found it too technical and deep to fully grasp.) And, after that heavy dose of Truth, I was fully cured. The evil Mainstream Media no longer blinded me to Dialectical Reality. And that devils that are Fox News and the Daily Mail were cast out.

The Truth was illuminating. The experience was like an epiphany. The Hegemonic Superstructure was scrubbed clean.

To think that for all those years I swam in the filth of Capitalist Falsehood.

Why hadn’t my teachers tell me that the Zionists caused the Second World War?

"Why didn't they tell me President Bush had bought Iraq for $100 from a corporate friend on Wall Street?

"Why was I never told that Churchill was a Nazi and that the USA is officially a Nazi state?

"And what about the six million Palestinians killed by German, American and Israeli bombers during World War Two?

"Why did I never hear about the hundreds of thousands murdered in Guantanomo Bay?

"And what about US drone attacks, which have killed almost one million people in Pakistan, Yemen and the black ghettos of America?

And did you know that prostitution, hate and evilitude didn't exist until Adam Smith invented capitalism in 1776?And least but not last, I certainly didn't know that Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was actually an Outreach Interfaith Enabler and Liberation Theologian; not the warrior and rapist painted by the Zionist MSM and the Daily Mail.

No you don’t hear much about all that, do you? As well as the fact that Muslims invented mathematics, discovered quantum mechanics and sent the first man to the moon. The ignorance of the sheepleand of fascistNazibigots! astonishes me.

Now I know the Dialectical Truth. My False Consciousness will never lie to me again. I now know that Marx (PBUH) was right. (Indeed He still moves amongst us.) Today’s workers are getting poorer and capitalism is in its final Final Crisis. I know that British workers are poorer and more exploited today than they were in the 1850s. I know that Muslims love peace as much as the rest of us and that Islam is a theological precursor of Marx’s (PBUH) own progressive politics. I know that all Britain's convicted terrorists have been set up by the Capitalist State and that the so called 'Muslim groomers' are the innocent victims of fascistNazibigots! And, in any case, all those with True Consciousness know that sexual groomers are all white Methodists.

I also know that the Revolution is coming on Friday night at 8: 32pm. And that after it there will be no more exploitation, hegemony, greed, Oppression, Islamophobia or Zionism.

I know all this because Chairman Callinicos told me. Not just that: I know it’s true because this morning’s Socialist Workerexplained everything to me. And, in any case, when I subject our so-called “realities” to Marx’s (Praise Be Upon Him) analysis then the truth becomes very clear. For hidden underneath false appearances is a capitalist reality that the State - and the Superstructure generally - is intent on hiding from us all.

It is up to us - as the true Vanguard of Oppressed Muslims and Exploited Workers - to show you the way. To strip away your False Conscious and show you the dialectical and materialist reality that lies underneath.

Have faith in us as we have faith in Lord Callinicos. And as Lord Callinicos has faith in the Prophet Marx (Praise Be Upon Him) Himself. Amen.”

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