Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hope Not Hate & the SWP Attack Charlie Hebdo

Predictably, the SWP (in its websiteSocialist Worker) doesn't criticise the Paris killers: it criticises the dead instead!

This is what the Socialist Workers Party says about Charlie Hebdo:

The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a 'satirical magazine'... it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam.... We should not be fooled into backing a war against Muslims masquerading as a fight for free speech.”

That's not a surprise: this is what Nick Lowles (Hope Not Hate) said about Charlie Hebdo in 2012:

The so-called 'Counter-Jihadists' (real definition ‘Muslim haters’)know full well that an incendiary video, poster, cartoon or burning will create a reaction from extremists across the world. ...... Last week there was the Innocence of Muslims video. This week we have a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, publishing obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Next week we will have Pam Geller's outrageous "savage" posters.... These Muslim haters...”

(See this Nope, Not Hope link.)

These Leftists are saying exactly what Muslims are saying: Charlie Hebdo asked for it! (The words Nick Lowles actually uses!)

Then again, some well-known Leftist playwright - I forget his name - once said that he “would shed no tears if Salman Rushdie were killed”.

The SWP's little write-up on the massacre in Paris sums up this Trotskyist group nicely: it's all jargon, soundbite and virtually no substance.

The SWP never moves beyond Private Eye's Dave Spart. It's eternally stuck at the level of a first-year student. Perhaps that's why 98% of its foot-soldiers are first-year students. However, its leaders are all middle-aged and older. Two of them are the descendents of Lords.

So the Left just gets even more extreme on this issue.

Leftists are moving from being the whores-of-Islam, to being its masochistic slaves.

Indeed the more bombs go off, the more kuffar are killed, etc., the stronger and more strident the Trotskyist/communist/“progressive” defence of Muslims and Islam becomes.

It's almost as if these Leftists are trying to bring about a“revolutionary situation” which they think they can use to their own advantage.

As the phrase has it: “The worse it is, the better it is”... for socialist revolutionaries.

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