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Unite Against Fascism (UAF) v Tommy Robinson & the Oxford Union


Tommy Robinson and the Oxford Union.

As was to be expected, Unite Against Fascism – in its endless battle against free speech and its defence of a national and total “no platform” policy – protested against Tommy Robinson’s visit to the Oxford Union. However, since UAF is such an elite and middle-class “vanguard”, it only managed to gain 150 signatories in favour of extending the gulagisation of the UK.

What I don’t understand is why councillors, journalists and MPs (who are endlessly fighting and speaking out against “the far right”) have such close relationships with a Trotskyist revolutionary group (i.e., UAF) which basically wants to end “capitalist democracy” through violent revolution. Sure, in certain cases some of these councillors, politicians and journalists may not have very close relationships with Unite Against Fascism. Nonetheless, if it weren’t for UAF activism (i.e., noise), there wouldn’t be a chance in hell that most – or any – of these councillors and MPs would have spoken out against Tommy Robinson being invited to the Oxford Union. What they are effectively doing is boarding the UAF (as well as the SWP) bandwagon in order to parade their “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” credentials to their fellow travellers.
Martin Smith (in the glasses): former spokesman of Unite Against Fascism and activist in the SWP. He lost his post in both UAF and the SWP due to allegations of rape within the latter movement. The image shows us the the kind of debate UAF prefers.

One fellow traveller with the Trotskyists of UAF is Sam Hollick: a Green Party Councillor for Holywell. Here he is waxing lyrically about the evils of free speech:
We cannot accept Robinson and the EDL as mainstream. Any suggested benefit of drawing out his offensive beliefs in a debate is far out-weighed by the badge of legitimacy that Robinson would claim from speaking at such a widely known institution like the Oxford Union. The event should be cancelled as a demonstration of our rejection of racist hate.

Basically, Sam Hollick doesn’t trust the plebeians – not even the plebs of Oxford University! – to make up their own minds about Tommy Robinson and what it is he has to say. After all, if the plebs agree with him in any way whatsoever (or if they disagree with Sam Hollick in any way whatsoever), then it must simply be because they have a severe case of false consciousness due to their being “brainwashed by the Media” (or due to not reading George Monbiot, The Guardian, Socialist Worker and Marx).

In any case, the Green Party’s Sam Hollick says that we “cannot accept Robinson and the EDL as mainstream”. Well, the EDL either is or isn’t mainstream regardless of what the middle-class members of UAF and the Green Party think.

So Sam Hollick is attempting to stop Tommy Robinson and the EDL from becoming “mainstream” – which is fair enough. This must mean that he believes that the more people hear Tommy Robinson speak, the more he will become mainstream. Again, Sam Hollick – like despots and totalitarians throughout history – doesn’t trust the people to make up their own minds. And, of course, the arrogance of this man – and people like him – is nauseating.

The Oxford Union

Yassar Arafat, with his good friend, Saddam Hussein. This was Oxford Union speaker Trotskyists didn’t have a problem with.

The Oxford Union is in favour of free speech. So much so that in the past it has hosted such notable pacifists, anti-haters and anti-fascists as Malcolm X, Yasser Arafat, Gerry Adams, O.J. Simpson, Pervez Musharraf, Sheikh Masina and, last but not least, that Islamist cuddly toy who goes by the name Zakir Naik.

UAF and other Trotskyists never had any problems with these people being invited despite the fact that – between them – they killed, tortured and blew up literally thousands of innocent people.*

The Oxford Union shouldn’t be mixed up with Oxford University Student Union or the National Union of Students (NUS) generally. Indeed it’s precisely because it’s not part of the NUS that Tommy Robinson was invited on two occasions to speak to the Union. This must surely mean that, according to UAF’s deviant logic, the Oxford Union is itself fascist, racist or at least something with the suffix “ist” on the end of it.

Oxford Union President, Mayank Banerjee, put the Union’s position in this way:
The Union stands by the invitation to Mr Robinson and we would like to reiterate that an invitation from the Union is not an endorsement of any particular agenda. The Union believes in the principle of freedom of speech and we would encourage all members who disagree with Mr Robinson to question him on his views at the event later in the term.

UAF Inanity, Smugness & Snobbery

Let’s now see what Ian McKendrick – spokesperson for Oxford UAF – has to say on the matter. He told Cherwell (“an independent newspaper, largely published for students of Oxford University”):
We will continue to campaign against the Oxford Union extending an invitation to Robinson, and remain prepared to protest in the eventuality that this or any other invitation to a FASCIST goes ahead.

Such an invitation can only give credibility to Robinson’s RACISM and boost the confidence of RACISTS and FASCISTS in Oxford to be more open, posing a threat to local communities.

You see, there are no arguments there – just Leftist jargon and implied threats.

The bottom line is that once a first-year student adopts the theology of Leftism, from then on he or she doesn’t really need to offer arguments, data or even think for himself. The very fact that he has adopted Marxist/Leftist theology means that he no longer needs to do any hard work. All he needs to do is memorise the party line; as well as learn as much of the jargon (e.g., “racist”, “colonialist”, “imperialism”, “Islamophobe”, etc.) as he can.

Such are the vacuous minds of so many young – and older – Leftists. It’s as if the very fact that they have become socialists, or Marxists, or “progressives”, or “radicals”, makes them think that – by self-definition – they’re automatically intellectually, morally and politically superior to all the millions of “straight” (right-wing?) folks. All those other people who’ve been “brainwashed by the media” and who have “misconceptions about Islam” and about God knows what else.

All those who dare to think differently to these smug, snobby and self-satisfied Leftists simply must suffer from false consciousness. Either that or be evil racists and/or fascists.


*) Only three people have been disinvited from the Oxford Union: John Tyndall, David Irving and Philip Nitschke. The former two were deemed to be suspect because “far right”. Nick Griffin was, however, invited; though, due to left-fascist violence, his talk was effectively stopped.
The moral of this story is that UAF and other Trotskyists have no problem with violence, extremism and even mass murder as long as it’s not right-wing violence, extremism and mass murder. The logic here is brutally simple.

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