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Socialist Worker (SWP) on Saturday's EDL Demo in Rotherham


Members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and local people gather in a park in Tower Hamlets ahead of a demonstration by the right-wing EDL (English Defence League) in London, on September 7, 2013.  Members of the EDL assembled in central London despite losing a high court battle to demonstrate in the Tower Hamlets area of East London, which they claim is subjected to Sharia Law.  AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS
Members of the Socialist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) gather in a park in Tower Hamlets ahead of a demonstration by the English Defence League (EDL) in London, on September 7, 2013.  AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS

This coming Saturday, the English Defence League (a counter-jihad and patriotic movement) will be holding a demonstration in Rotherham, in northern England, in the wake of revelations from the latest enquiry that political correctness empowered Muslim sexual-grooming gangs to sexually exploit “at least” 1,400 children between 1997 and 2013, as reported at the Brenner Brief.

As the EDL website itself puts it:

Our Rotherham demonstration, on the 13th of September…. will focus on the child sexual abuse by Muslim rape gangs and the cowardly betrayals of local officials…

Predictably, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the Socialist Workers Party have promised a counter-demo.

Sadie Robinson – in the the Socialist Worker piece ‘After Rotherham abuse horror – don’t let the Nazis divide us’ – writes that the EDL “is trying to whip up racism in Rotherham”. (Another recent UAF-SWP favourite slogan is “don’t let the racists divide us”.)


Socialist Worker Interviewees

Ged Demsey (union leader and Labour Party member)

Ged Demsey, a member of the Labour Party and a supporter of the SWP. He’s also a leader of the Unite union.

You can’t help but be sceptical about Ged Demsey’s loyalty to the Labour Party (he’s also on the National Executive Council of the Unite union) because you can find him being interviewed again by Socialist Worker on a completely different issue. Not only that: in that interview – although speaking in a “personal capacity” (i.e., as a supporter of the SWP) – Demsey says that the Labour Party should “fight back with progressive and radical policies that offer a real alternative”. Do you mean, Mr. Demsey, the sort of policies which are offered by the Socialist Workers Party?

Anyway, because socialists/Leftists are so obsessed by the “fight against racism” (as the Rotherham grooming-gangs case has graphically shown), Ged Demsey himself says:

… we want the police, council officials and councillors to be held accountable for their failure to safeguard Pakistani and white children.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In his fight against mainly possible and fictional racism, Ged Demsey talks about Pakistani children being abused. Now Pakistani children may well be abused by their own families. However, Saturday’s demonstration is about Muslim grooming-gangs and the 1,400 white girls who were the victims of these gangs. Not a single Pakistani or Muslim girl was a victim.

Here again you have Leftists fusing general child abuse with the specific case of Muslim sexual-grooming gangs. And in so doing, these Leftists are deliberately muddying the water.

Socialist Worker also muddies the water by saying that “[r]acists have tried to paint abuse as a race issue after many victims described their abusers as ‘Asian’”.

So not only does the SWP – in its evangelical ideological correctness – have a problem with talk about “Muslim” or “Pakistani” grooming-gangs, it even has a problem with the use of the misleading term “Asian”. That’s how zealous and extreme the SWP is.

It’s strange that the SWP says that people have “tried to paint abuse as a race issue”.

No they haven’t!

The SWP and other Trotskyists have tried to paint this case as a race issue.

Most other people have painted it as a Pakistani or Muslim issue.

And neither Pakistanis nor Muslims – as the SWP knows – constitute a single race. However, because accusations of “racism” work (politically and strategically speaking), the SWP will continue to paint all the critics of Muslim grooming-gangs (as well as of Islam) as racist.

As ever, it’s the SWP that’s race-obsessed and indeed racist. It sees literally everything in terms of race. And it does so because if it can convince everybody else that criticism of Islam or of Pakistani grooming-gangs is racist in nature, then half its battle will already be won. After all, there are laws against racism and the authorities will take action against it…. except, of course, when that racism was displayed by the Muslims who systemically abused white girls in Rotherham and not a thing was done about it.

You see, the SWP doesn’t have a problem with that kind of racism. That is, Trotskyists don’t have a problem with people with brown skin being racist towards people with white skin.

In fact the SWP-UAF has never had a problem with brown and black racism. Why is that? It’s because, according to Marxist theory, all black and brown people are “oppressed” (by the “capitalist state” and “capitalist society”). Therefore brown and black people can only ever be the victims of racism. Young white working-class girls, on the other hand, are “oppressors” (or at least the daughters of white oppressors) who also benefit from something called “white privilege”.

Such is the sick theory (theology) of the SWP.

Additionally, Ged Demsey says that the “EDL doesn’t point out that most offenders for child abuse are white”. He then continues by saying that these abusers “include celebrities and people from the judiciary, politicians and the establishment”.

Demsey is moronically referring to the late celebrity Jimmy Savile, who was found to have sexually abused women throughout his life. The Jimmy Savile case saturated the airways and the tabloids for weeks, as have cases about “the judiciary, politicians and the establishment”. (No doubt the EDL itself has featured these cases too.) And besides which, of course “most offenders for child abuse are white” because most British people are white.

Phil Turner (SWP, Rotherham Advertiser & NUJ)

Phil Turner, a writer for the SWP and a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser.

Socialist Worker also interviews Phil Turner, who’s a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

And lo and behold, Phil Turner is a member of the SWP too! (Here he is writing an article for Socialist Worker entitled ‘Remploy workers protest to stop factory closures’.)

In fact Phil Turner is also a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser. (It seems that in 1998 Turner was “dragged to a disciplinary hearing” which “led to a one-day strike” against that newspaper.)

Gordon Jelley, member of the SWP and a “trainer” of social workers in Rotherham between 2005 and 2009.

Trotskyists have “taken over the institutions” in the Gramscian manner. Last week the Brenner Brief revealed that the SWP’s Gordon Jelley was a “training officer” for social workers in Rotherham between 2005 and 2009. Now we have a SWP member who’s also a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser – the very newspaper which will have featured many pieces on the Muslim grooming-gangs in that town. In fact Phil Turner might well have written some of them!

And just when you think it can’t get any worse, this revolutionary-Trotskyist member of the SWP has written a piece for the Rotherham Advertiser on – of all things – Ukip. (Turner’s piece is called ‘Ukip linked to European far right organisation’.)

Unlike most regional news papers, the Rotherham Advertiser isn’t scared of fusing explicit editorial comment and factual detail. For example, here’s a self-referential piece entitled Advertiser dismisses BNP campaigner’s claims of sex grooming cover-up’ in which the Rotherham Advertiser says that the “BNP attempted to make political gain” over the Advertiser‘s own “cover-up” of the reality of Muslim grooming-gangs… And the SWP-UAF, the Labour Party and all other parties don’t do that kind of thing? In fact when the Rotherham Advertiser says that the BNP has “attempted to make political gain”, it can be said that it too has attempted to make political gain by saying that the BNP has attempted to make political gain…. if you catch my drift.

And as a Trotskyist, you’d expect the Rotherham Advertiser’s Phil Turner to talk about class… and he does talk about class. He tells Socialist Worker:

When you talk about class, it gets a response. If you don’t get out and talk to people, it can feel like the town’s been taken over by racists.

Well, “the town” has already been “taken over by racists”, Mr Turner. By the Muslim racists who abused over 1,400 white young girls because of their race and their religion. But as previously mentioned, according to Trotskyist theology brown people can never be racist because they’re “the oppressed” – every last one of them! The white people who are going to protest against these grooming-gangs on Saturday, on the other hand, are racists. Why? It’s simple: because they are white.

Vicky Hilton (Rotherham Fights Back)

Vicky Hilton, on the right.

Now here’s the Rotherham Advertiser’s very own member of the SWP – yes, Phil Turner again! – penning yet another completely objective and politically sensible piece on a group called Rotherham Fights Back which is entitled ‘Campaign launched to boost Rotherham community spirit’. In fact this article replicates exactly what Vicky Hilton says to Socialist Worker later; which isn’t surprising since the SWP’s Phil Turner works for both Socialist Worker and the Rotherham Advertiser.

The aforesaid Vicky Hilton – of Rotherham Fights Back – is quoted as saying that the people of Rotherham “want to live in a united community”.

It’s too late, Vicky.

Since Muslim grooming-gangs have ruled the streets of Rotherham for well over a decade, there’s little chance left of a “united community”. In other words, Muslims have already “divided us”.

And since the Muslim community has largely turned in on itself on this issue (as on many others), that won’t help either.

Neither will Rotherham’s Islamic-supremacist mosques, imams and “community leaders. Nor will its Leftist social workers, trade-union leaders and councillors.

In fact, rather than (white) “racists” and the EDL “diving the community”: Muslim grooming-gangs, Islamic supremacists and the Leftist whores-of-Islam in Rotherham have done precisely that – as nearly the whole of the UK now knows.

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