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Loonwatch & Islamophobia Watch: Why Leftists are Islamophiles


[Bob Pitt, formerly of the Workers Revolutionary Party and various other Trotskyist sects. Now the proprietor or Managing Director of Islamophobia Watch. Photo Source:]

Bob Pitt’s website - Islamophobia Watch - is very much like the American website, Loonwatch. Both are either outright Leftist outfits or Leftist-Muslim collaborations.

[Nathan Lean via Twitter]

It’s also highly likely that they are funded by Muslim individuals, Islamic institutions and Muslim states. It’s even more likely that America’s Loonwatch is financed by Georgetown University. Or at least it’s funded by the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU) at which one Loonwatch contributor, Nathan Lean, has had – and still has – strong connections. (Here is a link to Lean speaking at the CMCU.)

Loonwatch may also get funding from the American Academy of Religion, the Middle East Studies Association and Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (APGC). Why? Again, because Loonwatch’s main contributor, Nathan Lean, is also connected to all these institutions. No doubt other Loonwatch writers are connected to the aforementioned institutions too.

It is said that Nathan Lean is Loonwatch’s ‘Garibaldi‘. (See this link for more information on Mr Lean.) Nathan Lean has also written for the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News. More relevantly, Nathan Lean is Editor-in-Chief for Aslan Media (“We bring you the Middle East”). (Here’s Lean doing a video on – guess what – “Islamophobia” for Aslan Media.)

As for the aforesaid Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. He’s a member of the Saudi royal family. He’s keen on funding “interfaith” and “Islamic studies” in the non-Muslim world, as is the Saudi state generally.

[Nathan Lean’s book, The Islamophobia Industry.]

And since there is zero – repeat, zero! – interfaith and religious tolerance in Saudi Arabia, one can only conclude that what people like Alwaleed Bin Talal mean by “interfaith” is the teaching of Islam to the kuffar. Or, in other words, Islamic dawah (i.e., proselytising).

Surely Nathan Lean and the rest have already worked this out.

And that’s where Leftist politics comes in.

As with Islamophobia Watch, the reason why such Leftists are pleased to receive lots of cash from rich royals – who run autocratic regimes with poor human rights records – must surely be because they (or revolutionary Leftism generally) have something to gain from these cynical and opportunistic arrangements.

In any case, the main stylistic difference between Loonwatch and Islamophobia Watch is that the latter is more tabloid in style in that it doesn’t even attempt to defend its positions (if it has any); whereas Loonwatch at least attempts to argue its case – though it does so with vitriol, numerous Stalinist accusations of “madness” (or lunacy) towards literally all critics of Islam and some rather pathetic and snooty college sarcasm.

(See my 'Loonwatch: "the mooslims! they're heere!"' at American Thinker.)


Bob Pitt is the unscrupulous, opportunistic and principle-less (excepting the principle of “smashing the capitalist state at all costs”) writer for Islamophobia Watch. (See Bob Pitt performing for Muslims in this YouTube video.)

Bob Pitt is probably one of the most effective kafir (an atheist and Marxist materialist) enabler of Islam and Islamism in the UK.

Both Bob Pitt and the writers for Loonwatch don’t only defend Muslims no matter what they say or do. They mainly defend Islamists and Muslim fundamentalists no matter what they say or do. (Such white, middle-class Trotskyists and “progressives” – if they are distinct – classify moderate and reformist Muslims as “Uncle Toms”.)

The logic is simple.

If Bob Pitt didn’t defend every single bad deed and bad belief of every single Islamist and Muslim fundamentalist, then that would work against his own cause – that of “radicalisation” (or revolution). This man thinks – believe it or not – that enabling Islamists, etc. will help further the (Leftist) radicalisation of the UK. It will help Trotskyists like him “destabilise the capitalist state”.

It may seem like madness itself for an atheist Marxist to support reactionaries, religious fundamentalists and misogynists. However, the help that Bob Pitt gives – via Islamophobia Watch – is given for a reason. That reason being that it will help destabilise British society, as well as the “capitalist state” itself.

Any crisis or trouble helps the Revolutionary Cause. That’s why Trotskyists like Bob Pitt have always believed that the “worse things are; the better they are”.

Defending Muslims who believe in genital mutilation, sharia blasphemy law and terrorism – within the UK – will make things worse for most of us. Nonetheless, they will make things much better for International Socialists like Bob Pitt; as well as for National Socialists (Nazis) and Islamists.

All this explains this middle-class Leftist’s daily and unquestioning support for Muslim extremists no matter what they say or do. His own cause (radicalisation-through-destabilisation) benefits from such opportunism and unscrupulousness.

And that is also partly why Marxists – for the last hundred and thirty years or so – secretly loved it when there was mass unemployment or the latest “capitalist crisis”. They loved it and they still love it! Such disasters provide the breeding grounds for radicalisation. They’re also helpful when it comes to recruitment into Trotskyist/Marxist parties and movements (such as into the SWP-UAF, Respect, the Stop the War Coalition, etc.).

That’s why Marxists have said that there’s a “capitalist crisis” almost every year for the past one hundred years or more.

As I said, revolutionaries like Bob Pitt want capitalist crises! They want mass unemployment. Just as they want Islamic agitation, extremism and possibly even Muslim grooming-gangs. All these things contribute to their “fight against capitalism”.

And all this is at the heart of Bob Pitt’s Islamophobia Watch and Nathan Lean’s Loonwatch; not any deep love of Islam or even of Muslims.



Nathan Lean has two personas.

One: a vicious and loud-mouthed Leftist. (It's beyond comprehension that this man uses the word 'hate' all the time - as in 'hate blog'.)

Two: an interfaith academic.

The former preaches violence, direct action, hacking and the denial of free speech.

The latter preaches religious and political pluralism, peace, tolerance and equality.

The latter contradicts the former in almost every respect. This basically means that Nathan Lean is a consummate hypocrite.

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And here's Lean being sexist, vicious and threatening against Robert Spencer. Still, like the Gulag, it was all for a good cause:

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