Monday, 18 August 2014

Owen Jones explains the Gaza demonstration fixation


Comrade Owen ‘Son of Dave Spart’ Jones/PHOTO CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Oxford University graduate and media-socialist, Owen Jones (a son of self-described Trotskyists), said – in a recent Guardian (where else?) article – that there haven’t been any demonstrations against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), the jihadists in Syria, etc. because people demonstrate against governments, not groups. In other words, they demonstrate in order to change government policy in a given region.

This is how Owen ‘Son of Dave Spart’ Jones legitimises the decades-long Leftist monomania with Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

This is an utterly bogus argument.

“Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.” UK demo in support of Gazans.

Leftists (or perhaps I should say Trotskyist-led groups like the Socialist Workers Party, the Stop the War Coalition/Press TV, etc.) have never demonstrated against a single Muslim/Islamic state. They didn’t demonstrate against what happened in the Sudan in the 1990s and early 2000s. They’ve never demonstrated against Pakistan’s treatment of Christians or its support of terrorism. They’ve never demonstrated against the gay-killing theocracy of Iran. They never demonstrated against Muslim-Brotherhood-controlled Egypt and its persecution of Copts and other minorities. And so on. And neither did Leftists ever demonstrate against the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, or even against Pol Pot.

Indeed in many of these example, the Left supported and still explicitly supports these regimes, such as Iran today and China in past.

In addition, Owen Jones says that people have demonstrated against Israel because the UK government arms that country. But our country also arms Pakistan to the teeth. It has also armed Saudi Arabia. And I bet that it armed – at least to some extent – Sudan in the 1990s and early 2000s. Again, there were never any demos – led by the Stop the War Coalition (or its SWP equivalent) – against the Sudanese Islamist regime or against Saudi Arabia. (There have been small-scale demos - or ‘vigils’ – organised by groups such as the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.)

And no doubt that are some neat little Marxist theories as to why Leftists support – or at least don’t demonstrate against – various and many ideologically-correct oppressors, misogynists, racists, terrorists and killers.

No: Leftists demonstrate against Israel because that country has been an obsessional target of their hate since the 1967 war. In other cases, large segments of the Left (including the Soviet Union and its minions) turned against Israel before 1967.

What Owen Jones also singularly misses out is the fact that International Socialist Jew-hatred pre-dates the founding on Israel by some one hundred years or so. Indeed there are strands of International Socialist/Marxist Jew-hatred which pre-dated the formation of the National Socialist German Workers Party (in 1920) by some fifty or so years. (I’m not just talking about Marx here: there were many Jew-hating communists and socialists in the late 19th century.)

Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition (StWC). She is formerly of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Virtually all “pro-Palestine” or anti-Israel demos – as well as many others – are run and controlled by literally a handful of white, upper-middle-class academics of the SWP, as well as some ex-SWP: including John Rees and other friends of Iran’s Press TV./PHOTO CREDIT, Wiki Commons

Large segments of the Left aren’t really against Israel because of Gaza or Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. They’re against Israel! Full stop. And they’re against Israel for two primary reasons:

  • Israel is a “capitalist democracy”.
  • Israel is a a state primarily for Jews.
Thus Israel fuses three things which many Leftists hate: capitalist democracy, Jews and nationalism…. except, of course, that the Left has always accepted all sorts of nationalisms advanced by non-capitalists or people with brown and black skin. (Many on the Left deem all Jews to be “whites”.)

And because Israel is a new state, the Left has always believed it can do it severe damage. That’s why Israel has been a political obsession (or fashion) of the Left. Many Leftists would like to destroy the “capitalist democracies” (which aren’t, according to Marxist theory, genuine democracies) of the UK and the US too. However, they think that their chances of destroying Israel are far more likely; especially since they have aligned themselves with all sorts of murderous forces and terrorist groups which have precisely that intent.


  1. this photo you published is a fake. it's a composite, written right in the metadata, also the white doesn't match. pro israel ppl are making stuff up, apparently because tehre is a lack of anti-semitic material at these protests now. Probably shouldn't expect any apologies for slander from your side though.

    1. Sure, it may be a fake. Nonetheless, the article could have been posted without the image. It doesn't need the image.

      So it's intersting that you don't comment on a single line of the post. You rely on the image instead.

      As it is, I've seen, in the flesh, these things at demos against Israel: statements of "Jews to the ovens"; images of Jews with hooked noses grasping the planet; people (Nazis, Leftists and Islamists) saying "Jews out of France", etc.

      I don't need to rely on that image - there is no lack of Jew-hatred that can be shown: whether in Hamas' Charter, Fatah broadcasts, Iranian broadcasts, the writings of Noam Chomsky, Finkelstein, etc., and so on. In fact, there is evidence of Interntional Socialist (Marxist)Jew-hatred which predates National Socialist Jew-hatred by some sixty years.