Thursday, 7 August 2014

George Galloway declares Bradford an "Israel free zone"


I hope that people have reported George Galloway to the police for racism and incitement to violence over his recent comments (while speaking in Leeds).

Firstly, he means Jew-free zone by "Israel free zone" because that phrase doesn't even make grammatical sense. Indeed he's said that his "Israel free Bradford " includes all Israelis: including "academics" and "tourists".

Secondly, what happens when Israelis, or Jews, visit Bradford? How will George Galloway and his followers enforce this policy? Through force and violence? It's not a legal enactment on Galloway's part; therefore violence would be the only way to uphold it.

Galloway is shamelessly tapping into 1,400 years of Islamic hatred of Jews and Judaism and pretending - to gullible kuffar - that it's all about Israel and Gaza. No it's not! This man is on record, many times, talking about "Jews" - not "Israelis" or even "Zionists". He's even used racial caricatures about Jews in the past.

Indeed the entire Muslim world is already almost "Israel free" - or Jew-free. That is what is truly at the heart of Hamas's problem. They want to make Israel Judenrein; just as Gaza already is. There are no Jews left in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, etc. either. Galloway is trying to do the same thing in Bradford!

 i) Did George Galloway ever attempt to make Bradford - or any other city - free of North Koreans or Soviets Russians? Of course not.
ii) Does he believe in making Bradford Pakistan-free in response to the massive and long-running persecution of Christians in Pakistan? Of course not.
iii) And what about banning all Iraqis and Syrians from Bradford because of what's happening to Christians - and others - in Iraq and Syria?

No doubt this will make Galloway even more popular amongst Bradford's Muslims. He may even become more of an icon than ISIS, Osama bin Laden and Hamas itself.

Isn't it strange that this self-described "anti-racist" is more responsible than almost anyone else for contributing to the latest rise in attacks on Jews - not "Israelis" or "Zionists" - throughout Europe?

Just as the Leftist whores-of-Islam have never really been anti-war (only against wars fought by Western "capitalist states"), so they have never really been against racism. Anti-racism has simply contributed - massively - to their Trotskyist/International Socialist, white, middle-class revolution.

This man is a utter hypocrite, a political exhibitionist and an opportunist. I hope this marks his downfall.... though I suspect that it won't.

See the video here:

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