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Galloway’s ‘freedom of speech’ to incite violence against Israelis?

Galloway’s speech about him making Bradford “Israel-free” (given on the 2nd of August, 2014).

Predictably, UK Respect Party Member of Parliament George Galloway has treated his recent interview by West Yorkshire Police (over his desire to make Bradford “Israel-free”) as a “freedom of speech” issue. He also said that he “won’t be silenced” over Gaza and Israel.

In full, Galloway said:

"This is an absolute and despicable attempt to curb my freedom of speech by people who appear to be quite happy about the indiscriminate murder of Palestinians in Gaza.
"I won’t be silenced, I will keep speaking out against horrendous injustice."

These are precisely the words you’d expect from a rhetorician and demagogue – all bombast and a distinct lack of content.

Galloway was not – repeat not – interviewed because of his criticisms of the Israeli state and its actions in the West Bank and Gaza. He was investigated because of his (possible) racism and his incitement to violence. More accurately, Galloway was investigated for saying that he has banned all Israelis – from “academics” to “tourists” – from Bradford.

George Galloway, Member of Parliament for Bradford (northern England)/

The incitement to violence angle of this refers to the way in which Galloway – along with his Leftist and Muslim stormtroopers – would enforce such a ban. Since Israelis/Jews aren’t banned from Bradford according to British law, such a banning could only be upheld through the illegal use of force – through violence.

It’s also strange that a man – Galloway – who’s been a fan of Lenin, Stalin, the Soviet Union, Chairman Mao, the PLO, Hamas, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, theocratic Iran (he worked for Iran’s Press TV), etc., should talk about “freedom of speech” and not being “silenced”. This man has had the hots for totalitarian regimes, terrorists and despots almost all his life (Hence his recent attachment to Islamism and Islamist groups). That’s how he’s consistently found himself a nice political niche.

I mean, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. We wouldn’t have a ounce of free speech in a regime/state run by George Galloway.


The Bradford Muslim Riots of 2001. There had also been riots just five years earlier – in 1996.

In response to Galloway’s tub-thumping Israeli-hating populism (at least amongst Bradford’s Muslims and Leftists), Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, visited Bradford to talk to local councillors and Jews.

The thing is that there aren’t many Jews left in Bradford. The more the Muslim population of Bradford increased, the more the Jewish population has decreased. Take these figures from the Jewish Year Book:

1949 – 700 Jews in Bradford
1990 – 430 Jews in Bradford
2004 – 356 Jews in Bradford

Today there’s only one synagogue left in Bradford. (There are over 80 mosques). The other one was burned down in the 1990s (it was rebuilt as a mosque). On one account, the last Jewish business (a company which made boxes) packed up in the 1980s as a result of the Jew-hatred of local Muslims.

This kind of thing is replicated throughout the Muslim and even in the non-Muslim world (as in Bradford, parts of France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, etc.). There are no Jews left in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya and Afghanistan. And there are hardly any Jews left in north Africa and Iran; despite the fact that I’m often told that Jews are treated well in certain north African countries and Iran.

      The Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in the Arab Muslim World

Saudi Arabia – 1948: 0 – 2001: 0
Jordan – 1948: ? – 2001: 0
Libya – 1948: 38,000 – 2001: 0
Syria – 1948: 30,000 2001: less than 100
Lebanon – 1948: 20,000 2001: less than 100
Egypt 1948: 75,000 2001: 100
Algeria 1948: 140,000 2001: 100
Iraq – 1948: 150,000 2001: 100
Yemen – 1948: 55,000 2001: less than 200
Tunisia – 1948: 105,000 2001: 1,500
Morocco – 1948: 265,000 2001: 5,700
Iran – 1948: 100,000 2001: 11,500

Pakistan and Afghanistan

Pakistan 1948: 1,300 2009: less than 200 (though no synagogues or “community”)
Afghanistan 1948: 5,000 2001: 1

In any case, ambassador Daniel Taub tweeted a picture of himself holding an Israeli passport and an Israeli flag.

Predictably, a Muslim “community leader” – as such people are often called – called Zulfi Karim (secretary of the Bradford Council of Mosques) said that Mr Taub’s actions were a “deliberate provocation”. How is that, exactly? Is it because Israelis have been banned from Bradford by George Galloway?

Why is okay for Muslims to wave Palestinian/Hamas/ISIS and Pakistani flags in Bradford (as well as in many other northern English towns and cities), though wrong to do the same with an Israeli flag? If Taub doesn’t believe that Israel’s actions in Gaza are wrong, then he has the right to wave the Israeli flag in Bradford.

Here yet again we have that omnipresent and systematic threat of violence from Muslims. Or, as is often the case, we have a possible pseudo-moderate Muslim telling us what his immoderate “brothers” will do if we don’t obey their demands. You see, that’s what Zulfi Karim meant by “deliberate provocation”. What else could he have meant? Zulfi Karim meant that the Israeli ambassador’s actions might have provoked Bradford’s Muslims to violence; just as other non-Muslims provoke Muslims to violence when they criticise Islam or Muhammad, or publish cartoons, or books… or do anything that’s not in full accordance with Islam. (Perhaps non-Muslims provoke some Muslims simply by being non-Muslims. Indeed isn’t that precisely the case in Iraq and Pakistan today?)

Almost every day British Muslims threaten – either directly or indirectly – violence if the British people or the government doesn’t do X, Y or Z.

For example:

“Stop arming Israel” – or there’ll be violence.
“Pull out of Afghanistan” – or there’ll be violence.
“Ban the the EDL” – or there’ll be violence.
“Allow more sharia law” – or there’ll be violence.
“Ban the Satanic Verses” – or there’ll be violence.
“Don’t allow Gert Wilders into the UK” – or there’ll be violence….

Thus Bradford – and other cities in the UK – ends up becoming more and more like Peshawar or Karachi than a city in a secular, democratic and Christian country.


Some of Bradford’s Jews (as well as Jews elsewhere) may well think that I’m stirring things up by stating the facts and making these statements about Bradford. That is, many people believe – implicitly at least – that the truth (i.e., what they take to be the truth!) can work against what’s often called “community cohesion” (as with telling the truth about Muslim grooming gangs, the attempts by Islamists to take over state schools, Islamic terrorism, etc.). Yet I believe the exact opposite is the case. Things can only get worse if the truth about these matters isn’t confronted. You see if you know what the given negative facts or realities are, then you can take steps to deal with them. If, on the other hand, you sacrifice truth to the abstract god of community cohesion, then the problems will undoubtedly increase.

For a start, if what I’ve said are the facts, then there’s no genuine community cohesion in the first place. Thus the words “community cohesion” become precisely that: mere words. Or, more mundanely, the words “community cohesion” are nothing more than a political soundbite used to disguise what is often a distinct lack of community cohesion. Indeed since there are so few Jews in Bradford, it hardly makes sense to talk of community cohesion between Jews and Muslims anyway. It’s like talking about community cohesion between Jews and Muslims in Iraq when there are, on the last count, less than ten Jews living in that Muslim country. (There were 150,000 in 1948.)
It’s ultimately as if the Great and the Pious believe that if they chant the words “community cohesion” often enough, the more there’ll actually be community cohesion in Bradford and beyond. After all, Marxists, post-structuralists and post-modernists have been telling us for decades that if only we changed the words we use, then we could also change the realities in which we live. So this endless talk of “community cohesion” (which supposedly exists in Bradford, Birmingham, etc.) isn’t actually meant to reflect reality, it’s designed to bring about a new reality.

There’s just one problem with the theory (or theology) – it isn’t working. And it isn’t working for two reasons: the words don’t reflect the reality and no one believes the words anyway. In addition to that: the “community cohesion” mantra isn’t changing reality either. It’s hiding it and ultimately making it worse.

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