Wednesday, 20 August 2014

BBC deceit about British baby names and 'Muhammed'


Anthony Reuben, in a BBC News item entitled 'Most popular baby names Amelia and Oliver' (15th August), wrote that

“some people have added up the spellings of Muhammad to put it in first place on the list”.

He then went on to say:

“There are eight different spellings, and if you add them up you get to 8,380, which would put the name in first place, ahead of Oliver on 6,949.”

[The BBC's Anthony Reuben.]

However, Anthony Reuben responds to these points in the following manner:

"But you're on a slippery slope once you start combining entries on the list.

“If you add the number of babies called Harry to the number called Henry, for example, you get to 9,136. Combining Jack and Jacob gives you a whopping 13,649.”

Firstly, even though 'Harry' and 'Henry' may have the same common root, they are still different names: not simply different spellings of the same name. The same goes for 'Jack' and 'Jacob' – different names with (possibly) the same root.

In addition, if there were even more different spellings of 'Muhammed', then – in theory at least - that Muslim name wouldn't even come in the top fifty or hundred of British names if we were follow Reuben's faulty logic. Thus, in the BBC's Orwellian world, hardly any babies at all in England and Wales will have been named 'Muhammed' in 2013. I wonder what the English nurses and midwives think of Reuben's ideologically-correct reasonings.

However, none of that matters. Every Muslim baby named 'Muhammad' is named after the Prophet Muhammad.

So are all the people named 'Harry' and 'Henry' named after the same person? Indeed is everyone named just 'Harry' named after the same person? Of course not! And the same is true of the names ''Jack' and 'Jacob'.

Is Anthony Reuben “lying for justice” here? (Is he lying about the number of Muslims being born in the UK in order, presumably, to fight against racism and insure Community Cohesion?)

The BBC doesn't seem to want its readers and viewers to know how many Muslims are being born in the UK. Now why is that? 

*) According to the BBC, 'Muhammed' and 'Muhammad' are different names simply because one includes an 'a' and the other has an 'e'.

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