Monday, 9 June 2014

Racism is White


Jolene Everlast:

“RACISM is WHITE. Racism and bigotry are not the same. RACISM must be institutionally , culturally and relationally enforced and ONLY WHITES have that power in the USA.”


That's just a lot of un-argued statements. They read like religious (i.e., Marxist) catechisms. It's as if she has simply memorised them and stated them like some kind of Leftist automaton.

We know that "racism and bigotry are not the same". But so what? What's the point being made here? Again, it's just a un-argued statement.

Who says that "racism MUST be institutionally enforced"? Marxist theory? Does she know the theory behind the catechism? Is there theory behind the catechism? Or is the theory itself just made up of a longer string of similar statements?

She even fits in a piece of jargon that hardly anyone - except people like her - will understand: "relationally-enforced". What the fuc* does that mean? In fact I bet she doesn't even know what it means. Perhaps she heard her professor at university use that phrase....

In any case, Barack Obama has a certain amount power, as does Dianne Abbott MP. But they are black and that doesn't count. Such is the inverted/positive racism of the pious Left.

Jolene Everlast is a white, privileged woman who wants all other people to feel the same guilt she feels. That immense guilt can't help but lead to positive racism towards blacks and negative racism towards whites.

Her whole adult life, no doubt, has taken up by her proving to herself and to everyone else her very pious and sanctimonious anti-racism - which is, in fact, just plain racism.

So Dianne Abbott is bigoted but certainly not racist... according to some esoteric Marxist theory that only a handful of Leftist professors know about. Indeed I bet there's another recondite Marxist theory that will even state that Dianne Abbot, Idi Amin, the Black Panthers, Robert Mugabe, etc. (as blacks) can't be bigots either.

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