Friday, 9 May 2014

When Leftists & Nazis Fuse (on the Jews, etc.)

The Trots, Nazis and Islamists forget their differences - which differences!? - and fuse on the Jews.

It could be argued, logically, that this fusion of Leftists (Marxists) and the Nazis on the subject of the Jews and Israel may simply display the fact that when some things are true, then all sorts of people will believe and propagate them; just as Conservatives, Liberals, socialists, etc. all believe in human rights and just as just about everyone denies that the world is flat.

I argue otherwise.

I argue that the Leftists and Nazis fuse on the Jews because they fuse on so much else Fusing on the Jews is a consequence of their fusing on much else.

They fuse on their commitment to totalitarianism, illiberalism, ‘lying for justice’, the acceptance of political violence/terrorism on any scale and for any purpose (in line with their ideologies and aims), in their black-and-white world-versions and on so much more. But what really unites and fuses them is their penchant for conspiracy theories. And which social or ethnic group has become the favourite subject for political conspiracy theories? That’s right! The Jews (or 'Zionists')!

Conspiratorial thinking is almost the very essence of Leftism and Nazism. Think of the many bogymen of the conspiritorialists and see if you can recognise if they are the favourites of Leftists or Nazis - or both! Take this list: neo-cons, neo-liberals, the Jewish Lobby (or ‘Cabal’), the Israel Lobby, the Zionist Lobby, the Jewish media (or just the plain platonic Media), finance capitalists, bankers, corporatists, capitalists (generally), das System, Freemasons (sometimes in cahoots with Jews) and so on.

Non- Anti-Semitic Fusions

It’s not just anti-Semitism which unites - and united - the Far Left and the Nazis. For example, the socialism of National Socialism united the Nazis with, well, (left-wing) socialists. We have Adolph Hitler on that. He once wrote:

"We did not defend Germany against Bolshevism back then because we were not intending to do anything like conserve a bourgeois world or go so far as to freshen it up. Had Communism really intended nothing more than a certain purification by eliminating isolated rotten elements from among the ranks of our so-called “upper ten thousand”… one could have sat back quietly and looked on for a while."

Clearly, the difference highlighted here was deemed to be between internationalist socialism and Hitler’s own nationalist socialism. But that doesn’t work either because the Soviet Union, as well as Cuba, China, Vietnam, etc. were also fiercely nationalist communist regimes.

Even in 1969, fascists were still stressing their socialist credentials (as they do today, with or without the word ‘socialism’). Leon Degrelle cried out for

"the people, worn down with long hours of work, miserably paid, inadequately protected against accidents at work, illnesses, or old age, waited full of impatience and anguish to be treated at last with humanity."

And, in the end, only fascism could save them. Only fascism has a ‘respect for ordinary people and a desire for social justice’.

It's not surprising, then, by way of an example, that when communism, and Leftism generally, ‘took to the streets’ in 1960s America (just like our own ‘anti-Zionists’ today), the fusion of Leftism with Nazism became all too apparent.

Peter Berger, a Jewish refugee from Austria, peace activist and sociologist, wrote that

“when ‘observing the [American] radicals in action, I was repeatedly reminded of the storm troopers that marched through my childhood in Europe.”

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