Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Councillor Dipu Ahad case: racism against whites found to be impossible

Dipu Ahad: center.

Quite simply, we all knew that Councillor Dipu Ahad wouldn't be found guilty of racism towards whites. Why? Because there is no such thing as racism towards whites. Or, more accurately, Marxist theory has it that there can be no racism towards whites. This is the case, apparently, because every white person has power in every society. In addition, racism, it also seems, is what happens when “power and prejudice are combined”.
Tony Dowling: UAF & NUT

So when Tony Dowling - self-described as a “socialist, trade unionist, antifascist, anti-war & anti-cuts activist” - said that Councillor Dipu Ahad is “against prejudice of any kind”, that's not a surprise at all. I presume that, as a Trotskyist, Mr Dowling also believes that there can be no racism against white people. He'll also believe that “only when prejudice and power are combined do we get racism”. And, as everyone knows, every white person has power.... Well, it's certainly true that most white middle-class Leftists like Tony Dowling have power and wealth (whether in Dowling's very own Trotskyist-run NUT, or in the councils, universities, the law, journalism, etc.). But as for the white (non-Leftist) working class, that's certainly not the case. How do I know that? Because that's what Leftists like Dowling used to tell us all the time. That is, until Muslims came along and then the middle-class "vanguard" (or elite) started to patronise them instead (or "tapped into the revolutionary potential of Muslims", as the SWP once put it).

At the beginning of April, a Muslim councillor in Newcastle, Dipu Ahad, was informally questioned by the police about a Twitter message he posted in which he referred to all supporters of the EDL as 'white' and 'thick'. Dipu Ahad, incidentally, is an 'anti-racism campaigner'.

It is said by the Newcastle Chronicle that the police “have dropped their case” against Dipu Ahad. However, I don't think that the police ever acknowledged that there was a case against him. What happened is that various people reported Dipu Ahad's racism and, from what I can remember, the police said they would look into the complaints. Or as the Chronicle put it: the police simply “quizzed” him. That's all.

It also seems that because Mr Ahad hasn't been prosecuted, and because he knew he would never be prosecuted, he has been emboldened to offer more smears against the (non-Leftist) white working-class. This time he used the old-chestnut: “far-right”. He said:

“This has been a campaign against me from the far right. It is sad that the police have questioned me over this.”

So all those who have dared to criticise Dipu Ahad's racist statement are not only “white” and “thick”; but also “far-right”. But how does he know that? Ahad would never have found out the personal details of those who reported him. In fact he will know nothing about them. But to accuse a Muslim man of racism must be a far-right kind of thing to do, mustn't it?


Now some last words on this ridiculous and fault-strewn Marxist theory about the True Nature of racism. It was concocted in our universities, where it percolated for a few decades. And from there it gradually filtered down to our regional newspapers, schools, councils and even, it seems, to the police.

But what of Marxist theory itself (for those who want to know)? Marxist theory, so middle-class Marxists tell us, scrapes away mere appearances and gives us Reality and Truth: the very essence of our society and its workings. It could also - if only they had faith - deliver white workers from their evil (non-Marxist) false consciousness; which is, of course, created by the platonic Media. Amen.

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