Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Satirical Images (7)

"Hi, I'm Karl Marx. Yes, I know I look like a Biblical prophet, but I'm not. Sure, I made many prophesies which failed to occur. I had a messianic and Manichean world-view too. I also promised (indirectly, sure) heaven on earth; though I was never a utopian. And my pious followers are zealously committed to almost every word I ever uttered.... but apart from all that, I was a very scientifically-minded materialist."

"Hi, I'm Lenin. I was born into humble stock. I first went down a mine when I was eight years old. I struggled my entire life as a worker. Then, in 1917, I joined the Bolshevik Party. Although it was led by men of noble birth and members of the upper-middle-class, that didn't stop me from working my way to the top. The Bolshevik Party also had a positive discrimination policy for working-class-types like myself. I eventually rose to the top, as you know."    

"Hi, I'm Trotsky. You alright mate? Fancy a pint?"

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