Friday, 4 April 2014

Conversations With Leftists (6)

There is No Threat From Radical Islam

"Radical Islam does fuck all so don't worry about it..."  - James Bickley

Did you actually read the jihadist death-list above? I don't understand: you're either extremely dense or completely warped by your "anti-capitalist" or anti-Western ideology.

Most deaths in Iraq have been due to Muslims fighting and killing Muslims. Now if you see Muslims as children without free will (to be patronised by Western Leftists like yourself),  then of course you'll see it as all down to those evil Westerners (who have free will). Still, it's a bit racist, isn't it? When Muslims kill Muslims, why is it always the fault of the grown-ups in the West?

The thing is, I too was against the intervention in Iraq. But Western soldiers didn't go there to kill civilians - even if civilians have been killed. No Western soldier blows up churches and mosques, or explodes bombs in markets, as Muslims do. Jihadists kill for the sake of killing and they do so every day.

"... if you are going to worry about anything worry about all the new "anti-terrorism laws" which give the government free reign." - James Bickley

The government has such a "free reign" that people like you are allowed to say "governments have  free reign" in your rags, on the Internet, on your demos, in your universities, etc.

The only places where the government has as much control as you fantasize about is in Leftist/socialist and Islamic states.

Still, total state control in the right hands may be acceptable to you. It's just when it's in the wrong hands - in the hands of those you politically disagree with - that bothers you, eh?

Swedish Muslims are No Problem

“The Muslim youth of Sweden standing on the street corners in silly T-shirts are no more a threat than your drunk.... probably less so.” - BagLady

Are you being serious? Don't you ever read the news? Too much Guardian? Aren't you aware of the Muslim ghettos and the rape epidemic in Sweden and Norway? Use the Internet - there's a vast amount of info on these things: unless you dismiss all these websites, bogs and newspapers simply because they have the wrong politics.

Even left-wing websites and newspapers acknowledge the very new and very severe problems of violence and rape in Sweden and Norway - they just don't say "Muslim violence" and "Muslim rape".

According to the Swedish government, every Syrian refugee has an automatic place in Sweden. It's clear that this is a massive Leftist experiment in social engineering. It's a blindingly obvious attempt to change the social and political nature of Sweden - something they've been doing, anyway, since the 1960s. The same thing happened in the UK between 2000 and 2010 when we imported up to five million immigrants.

These huge social and political experiments would have made Joseph Stalin very jealous.

The Excellent Guardian

“The Guardian has always been a 'left wing' paper. However, it has always boasted excellent writers and is well worth reading to balance 'right wing' opinion.” - BagLady

I'm not sure who these excellent Guardian writers are. In any case, a distinction has always to be made between the general editorial/political line of a newspaper and its individual writers or journalists.

I suppose that once or twice a year the Guardian will allow a right-wing writer to have his say - but even that will be set within very strict parameters. Put it this way: the Telegraph publishes far more Leftist or Left-Liberal pieces than the Guardian publishes right-wing ones. In fact many Telegraph writers have been described as "cultural Marxists" alongside being "economic right-wingers". In addition, the Guardian is notorious for censoring its comments sections; whereas the Telegraph doesn't seem to censor at all.

The Guardian must have employed, roughly, around twenty or more Islamist writers (all of whom, without exception, will deny being Islamists) over the last fifteen years or so - many of them on a frequent basis. (We can ignore the Trotskyist/progressive or Communist ones for now.)

The assistant/associate editor of the Guardian, Seumas Milne, is a self-described Communist and has even admitted to being a fan of Stalin. He has praised the Soviet regime on may occasions. Not surprisingly, he has given the lowest number of deaths at the hands of that regime I've ever seen - even lower than the numbers given by his fellow communists and by Soviet leaders.

Seumas Milne is a Marxist fanatic and a zealot. Quite simply, there is no right-wing version of him in the whole of the established British national media. That is, there is no self-described Nazi assistant-editor of any British newspaper, or even any Nazi journalist at the lower levels.
That's how blatant the double standards are when it comes to these things.

As for your link: typical Guardian. I simply don't believe there is such a "common thread" running through all religions. And certainly not between Islam and other religions.

The Interfaith movement should spend a little more time focussing on how fantastically different Islam is to Christianity; rather than obsessing about their often trivial and irrelevant similarities. Perhaps if Interfaith Christians did that more often, they'd help out their persecuted brothers in the Muslim world instead of being more interested in Western Interfaith with Muslims.

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