Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Robin Morgan: Leftist Feminist & Privileged Hypocrite

I'm not even being funny but Robin Morgan, a well-known American feminist, could easily “become part of the oppressed" (see image above)! What's stopping her? For example, she could quite easily literally live in a Brown and Exotic Palestinian village and get repeatedly raped and abused for being a kuffar. That would be true penitence for her White Guilt.

Robin Morgan is an American feminist. Many American feminists, nowadays, believe that people with brown skin (Muslims) should be allowed to practice female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages, wife-abuse and God knows what else. They think all this because they also think it’s mightily wrong for "white people" to "impose their views" on brown or black people. They even think it's wrong to be as much as critical of such practices.

This woman is highly privileged. She should forget about the black and brown “oppressed”. This woman should join the white poor of her own country. Or won't that work if the poor are still nevertheless white?

Robin Morgan is personally to blame for her own "privilege" - not the "capitalist state", not "whites" as a whole, not "the West". Why doesn't she fuck off to a Muslim ghetto in Oslo or some hellhole within the larger hellhole that is Pakistan? Why doesn’t she stop writing best-seller books, going to dinner parties (full of people just like her) and doing lecture tours for which she gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Robin Morgan has just written a new book (left). She’s written loads of books. That’s what has made her so “privileged” today. She’s written books about her privilege. And these books have made her even more privileged. Get it?

She says the book contains "fighting words to combat the Religious Right". It’s not, therefore, a book to “combat” Islamists, Muslim fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, Muslim rapists and groomers, Muslim misogynists, racists, etc.

Basically, according to very many contemporary Western Leftists (such as Robin Morgan), if you have brown or black skin, you can do anything - even if it’s wrong. Or, in inverse, browns and blacks can’t do anything wrong. That is positive or inverted Leftist racism on a massive scale.

All this is rationalised by the Marxist - or quasi-Marxist - theory that

Every brown & black person is Oppressed.


The brown person can never do wrong and can never be racist.

But why dignify this middle-class Leftist racism with the prefix "inverted" or "positive" at all? It is pure racism. The racism brought about by White Guilt and Leftist privilege - even according to Robin Morgan herself!

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