Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Middle-class Leftists & Left-Liberals are Islamising the UK

First posted: 3 December 2010

Why do politically-correct left-liberals and the SWP/UAF ‘simply adore’ a religion, Islam, which is deeply reactionary, fascist, misogynist, expansionist, brutal, authoritarian, hierarchical, and the rest? Simple. These people are still rebelling against a Western imperialism which only existed many, many years ago. And that imperialism was led by white people who weren’t that unlike their own parents, grandparents, etc. Thus they must embrace the Brown Exotic and any other exotics who demand and want or who are offended or insulted.

Other brown exotics, of course, are not as loud as Muslims. The Muslims get the most ear-time, and have all the ideological work - which is needed to defend the indefensible - done by white graduates either long out of university, just out of university, or in university. In the universities they will have been taught about how uniquely evil ‘the West’ is. How uniquely evil the British Empire was. They would have been taught this by middle-class white people who are really not that unlike their parents, grandparents and their relations further back.

Far leftists and left-liberals are guilty of the Islamisation of the UK. It is they who have the power in the universities, the council offices and so on. Councillors, professors, lecturers at universities, and politicians have political or social power and of course the ears and minds of their students. Muslims and Islam have been helped enormously by the aforesaid cultural and political groups within our society.

Those in charge don't support ‘minority religions’. No. Not ‘religions’ with an ‘s’. One minority religion. Islam. Ask what Hindus and Sikhs think about all this. Ask those who complained to the BBC about the fact that 4 out of 5 ‘religious programmes’ were about Islam. Ask them where council funding is going. Not to Sikhs or Hindus or Jews. To Muslims. Ask them who is and who is not represented to large degree in the council chambers of the UK. Muslims are. Hindus and Sikhs are not.

That is one of the reasons why Christianity is dying. It is to do with things like the suicidal tendencies of the Anglican Church. Just think about the case of the Rev Ray Gaston of Respect... sorry, of Birmingham. Think about his once ‘living for a year as a Muslim’. Was that supposed to have helped the Methodist or Anglican faith in some way? His being a candidate for the Muslim and Pakistani Respect can’t help Anglicanism or Methodism much. His very close relationship with IslamoTrots and other far leftists like Salma Yaqoob will not help either.

Now these are the real reasons why the Christian religion is dying and why the beast of Islam is feasting and burgeoning on the death of everything but itself.

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