Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I Simply Adore Muslims & Blacks! [poem]

[Left: the Rev Ray Gaston, Respect member and activist, 'interfaith enabler', Islam enabler, Methodist minister, etc. Right: the very wealthy, very privileged and very Left, Vanessa Redgrave, in her Workers' Revolutionary Party (WRP) days, alongside the very wealthy, very privileged and very Left, Tariq Ali.]
I Simply Adore Muslims & Blacks!
Take the paradigm case of The Family Brown.
The parents are top civil servants (deep in Guardian and cash).

They gave birth to two lovely children.

As students, the teenage Browns moved to the best inner city -
To be near the exotics they’d heard so much about.
They knew well that Muslims lived there.

Later, they became the most zealous and pious anti-racists
Their Uni had ever known.
Believe me, that was an achievement!

It’s true; they simply adored blacks too.
Thought them cool. Wicked. Had soul.
Thought all souls were black… not white.
Even believed - or the young woman did - that blacks were better lovers.
They simply adored reggae.
And thought the sleaze of R ‘n’ B best.
Its endless melisma; so soul.
Its soft-porn sexiness; so hip.
Thought rap’s machismo; not bad machismo. Not white machismo.
Masculinity seen as the essence of black man.
And that Baptists knew how to party;
Unlike the Christians who’d raised them: they were so un-hip!

History lesson.
What of the 19th century Browns?
Loyal (civil) servants again – this time, of the British Empire.
The same Empire our students hate with a perfect hate.
They lived deep in that India – the India our students thought spiritual.

The Browns had moved smoothly from a hatred of coloureds
To a pious love of all Muslims and all blacks.
A volte-face in ten generations.
The colonialist dream of the Victorian Browns
Was then mirrored by our own student Browns;
But duly inverted to mirror the mood
Of our politically-correct times.

[... and, I suppose, Ali G.]

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