Thursday, 27 March 2014

Conversations With Leftists (1)

Leftist Hypocrisy About Breaking/Obeying the Law

The 'far right EDL' (which is what's being investigated) comprises fascism and borderline terrorism. We've all seen the marches. Give me one reason that the government SHOULDN'T investigate... that. Indeed, if the Muslim community behaved like that you'd be up in arms. And if there's a danger of that sort of violence manifesting itself amongst the armed forces, while on tour in Iraq or Afghanistan, the MOD is well within its rights to order an investigation. In fact, it's the only sensible course of action. There is a message being sent to the EDL, but it's this: 'Play within the rules'.”

 Am I to take it that usuallyyou are usually completely OK with the police and the Government when it comes to dealing with demos and non-mainstream political groups? That’s funny. Ordinarily the Left hates and despises the police, the courts, the State, etc. But, all of a sudden, when any of these come down strong on the EDL: they are all in favour of it. You know, like supporting Stalin or Fidel Castro but being against Hitler and General Franco. 

What do you mean by the EDL’s ‘borderline terrorism’? Or is that just a Leftist soundbite which sounds good but is pretty empty on analysis?

You talk about the EDL being up in arms
when Muslims do what the EDL does. Are you up in arms when Muslims do what the EDL does
? Or are you a typical hypocritical Leftist racist who allows brown people to do all sorts of things you wouldn't allow white people to do? 

 Rights for Islamoterrorists: not for the EDL

[Responses to a post/link about whether Islamoterrorists should have their human rights ‘respected’.]

" Yes they do. They may not deserve them, but that's not for you to decide. The whole purpose of human rights is that they safeguard EVERY human, ALL of the time. They are not selective. And violating that for anyone, even Bin Laden, is just plain wrong. Who are you to say "Justice for all, except for this man"?

 That’s so funny. In a post above James virtually says that the EDL doesn’t deserve human rights. Now he’s crying crocodile tears for Islamic killers who don’t get their full secular and Western (non-Islamic!) human rights! He also seems to say that the poster he responds to should have no say on whether or not Islamic killers should be given their ‘human rights’. ‘Not for you to decide.’ Should a state's position on rights be imposed? Or just the positions of Leftists like you?

Here we have yet more of James’s hypocrisy. I bet there’s a massive list of ‘far rightists’, ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’ he would deny rights to. After all, he wants to deny rights to the EDL because it is ‘fascist’ and ‘borderline terrorist’. 

Oh! So Muslim terrorists deserve rights: yet non-Muslim ‘borderline terrorists’ don’t deserve them.

Tell me, James, were you born a hypocrite or did you learn hypocrisy over time?

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