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Cambridge UAF (CUAF) incites “extreme brutality” against all non-Leftists

On the 16th of February I came across Cambridge Unite Against Fascism’s (UAF) website. At the head of the website there is a quote which I still take to be an explicit call to violence against all those that UAF deem to be “racists”, “fascists” and “Islamophobes”. That is, it is a call to violence against quite literally millions of British people.

In the end I decided to report this quote as a hate crime to Cambridge police. That was around two weeks ago. They advised me to contact my local police first (that's the way such things work). I reported it to my local police and they visited me a couple of days later. The officer took down all the details. He said he would get in contact by phone the day after. Two nights later he phoned and told me what had been done.

He said that the the information has been passed on to the Counter-Terrorism Unit. This police officer also told me that Cambridge UAF's website had only just been reported by someone else as well. He couldn't tell me if it was for the same quote. In addition, if you look on the Cambridge UAF website, there's an article on it about how it is being “surveyed” by Cambridge police.


The quote in question isn't a comment or post by a UAF supporter. It's embedded at the top of the website's front page. This is the quote:

"Only one thing could have broken our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle, and from the first day had smashed, with the most extreme brutality, the nucleus of our new movement." - Adolf Hitler 

(See image above for the quote; just below the yellow squares.)

Quite clearly, this is an explicit, if subtle, call to violence against what Cambridge UAF deems to be fascists and racists. According to this UAF's definition of “racist” and “fascist”, this is a call to violence against all members and leaders of UKIP, certain Conservative MPs and councilors (the politically-incorrect ones), certain councilors (ditto), every member of the EDL, all critics of Islam and everyone who's against mass immigration.

The point being made by the quote is that if Hitler and the the Nazis had been “smashed” with “extreme brutality”, then the Nazis would never have assumed power. Consequently, if all the people Cambridge UAF deems to be fascists and racists are “smashed” with ”extreme brutality”, then there will be no problem in this country either.

Understandably, Cambridge UAF could not have said that itself. Hence the quote! If it said it itself, it would have been far too obvious and it would have been very quickly reported or even seen by the police.

All this means that Cambridge UAF can say that “it's only a quote”. The question is: If it's only a quote, then why, exactly, does Cambridge UAF use it? I can think of no other reason other than the one I have just put forward.

In other words, this is what the quote really says:

Cambridge Unite Against Fascism believes that only one thing can break the fascists and racists (such as UKIP, the EDL, critics of Islam and mass immigration, and other racists and fascists) in the UK – is if we smash, with the most extreme brutality, the nucleus of their new movements.

So, basically, an organisation which is forever going on about “hate crimes” and the violence and “hatred” of what they take to be Nazis or racists, has itself committed a hate crime and called for violence. UAF is advocating the most extreme violence against literally millions of (non-Leftist) Brits. I say literally millions simply because there are literally millions of Brits who are against the rising power of Islam and Muslims in the UK. There are also millions of Brits who justifiably have a massive problem with the Leftist social experiment that is mass immigration into this country. (Now carried on, if to a lesser extent, by the Conservative Party.) It is all these Brits which Unite Against Fascism thinks should be “smashed” with “extreme brutality”. (Of course not all these people are directly targeted by UAF because not all of them are politically active. If they were politically active, then UAF would target them.)

Yet Cambridge News, and other institutions, weren't at all interested in this clear hate crime. Neither were they interested in the fact that Cambridge UAF is being monitored and investigated by the Counter-Terrorism Unit. However, if such a quote had been found on the EDL or the BNP website, then it would have definitely been extensively covered. How do I know that? Because such things have already been extensively and frequently covered when committed by groups and individuals deemed, by both national and local newspapers, as “far right”.

Despite that, it's seems that Cambridge News and others have feigned scepticism about my “interpretation” of the Hitler quote. However, none of these people have given me a single reason as to why the quote is there. And none of these people have said how the simple fact that it's a quote - rather than the direct words of UAF - makes the slightest bit of difference to its call to violence.

The Cambridge News crime reporter, Raymond Brown, did contact Cambridge UAF (though there has been no news item) and it responded. CUAF seems to have responded, however, with a very long non sequitur. Rather than talk about the incitement to “extreme brutality”, they referred, instead, to things like Cambridge believes in Community Cohesion, We are in favour of Embracing Diversity and Don't let the racists divide our community. That is, they responded like typical Trotskyist automatons.


One possible reason why Cambridge News was uninterested in this story is that a former editor, Murray Morse, himself has come to blows with Cambridge UAF (in 2005). I'm not sure if they called him a “racist”; but they did call him a “fascist” for daring to disagree with them.

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