Sunday, 9 February 2014

Why Leftists are Cleverer Than the Rest of Us

MCin Sderot:

... The foundation of leftist thinking goes something like this: 

“I am more clever than most people. Therefore I am probably more clever than you are. Because I am probably more clever than you are (my IQ is 110), then I am more likely to be right. Therefore you must be wrong so I can ignore your opinion. (You must therefore do as I dictate because I obviously know best what must be done.) If you do not do as I say, then you must be harassed and cajoled, bullied and bashed until you do, and I will enjoy the bullying and the bashing anyway.”

All it takes, for many Leftists, is to become a Leftist and then all genuine thought seems to stop. It's as if the very fact that you are a Leftist means that you're somehow - and often suddenly - politically sophisticated. It’s something to do with their use of "theory" and their looking "beyond appearances" at what's truly underneath (usually "economic reality"). 

So, one day, you're a non-Leftist 18-year-old student. Then you convert and see the light. Overnight, you have become a political sophisticate simply by becoming a leftist/socialist/Marxist/Trot or whatever. But once they put those clothes on at such a young age, many Leftists never take them off - right through to middle-age and beyond. They say the same kind of things they said as students - but with slightly more sophistication (but not much more).

That road-to-Damascus conversion is often precisely when genuine thought stops. Why think - especially think independently - if you've already seen the light? Once the theories are in place, along with the Leftist soundbites ("Muslims/blacks can't be racist"), the technical terms ("racist", "neo-con", "fascist" "new world order", etc.), and also the image (you must look the part), then all you need to do is look through that Leftist prism and the world is automatically seen as it is. Simple, really.

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