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Weyman Bennett: We must use fascist means to smash fascism

First posted: 17th April, 2011

[Top: Wayhayman Bennett just after being caught by the 'tools of the State' (i.e., the police) using fascist tactics against people he calls 'fascist'. Bottom right: Cameron. I don't know if he spoke the whole truth, but even if he did, he shouldn't have done - according to Bennett and the SWP/UAF.]


EDL Extra on the Voice Online article, 'Cameron's immigration remarks will boost fascism and racism', by Funmi Olutoye, 16th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)-

UNITE AGAINST Fascism (UAF) have warned that David Cameron's speech on immigration is a "dangerous encouragement" to racist and fascist parties. [What's the point being made here?

That Any criticism of immigration is ‘racist’ and/or ‘fascist’?

Or is it that

Any criticism of immigration will encourage racists and fascists?

Following on from the latter. If that’s the case, then, quite clearly for the UAF,

Even if what the critics of certain aspects of immigration or multiculturalism say is true, they still should not say it because if they do, it will encourage the racists and the fascists.

This absolutism is typical of Trotskyism, which is what the UAF is in reality is (i.e., a front group for the Trotskyist-revolutionary SWP). That is, in order to ‘destroy’ what they call ‘fascism’ and ‘racism’ (they call just about everything they disagree with by these words), you effectively have to adopt fascist actions and words yourself - as an ‘anti-fascist’. For example,

i) You must ban all talk of immigration, multiculturalism, etc. (as above).

ii) You must ban all ‘far-right’ parties, such as they claim the EDL, etc. to be.

iii) You must use violence against what they call ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’.

iv) The must protest against mainstream leaders and parties if they step out of line, as Cameron appears to have done.

v) You must sack or intimidate ‘right-wing’ professors, lecturers, writers, journalists, etc. for saying the wrong things or for even doing politically unacceptable research (say, into genetics or what Trots call ‘biological reductionism’ or ‘social Darwinism’).

In other words, you have to be far worse than the Stalinists/Nazis and the Stalinist/Nazi states in order to destroy or ‘smash’ (a favourite word of the SWP) racism and/or fascism (as they see it). Thus in order to defeat and smash fascism and racism, the UAF, and its mainstream helpers, must create and do things which are just as bad.

There is one very good example of this which is very relevant to the EDL.

In order to destroy the evils of ‘imperialism’, ‘capitalism’, ‘racism’, etc., the UAF/SWP has backed and supported Islamists and Islamist groups which are, well, racist, fascist, misogynist, expansionist, imperialist, sexist, etc. But as long as they are not white, or ‘Western’, or ‘capitalist’, these evils and these crimes are acceptable. Indeed they are OK precisely because they are carried out by the Brown Exotic and therefore by the Oppressed. Such is the theory-driven sickness of Trotskyists. Such is the theory-driven sickness of UAF - or the SWP as it is otherwise known.]

UAF say that the tone of his language and the content of his arguments "feed the myth that Britain is somehow being flooded by immigrants." [Cameron never mentioned anything about being ‘flooded by immigrants’ He didn’t even hint at it. However, because of Weyman Bennett’s theory-intoxicated position, this is what he must think about what Cameron actually said. That is, what Cameron says, and what he really means, are at odds - according to UAF. And they are at odds, quite simply, because Marxist/Trotskyist theory interprets what Cameron has said, and what we all say, as being something other than what is actually said. (That’s Marxist theory.)]

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett, who accuses the prime minister of scapegoating immigrants for his government's cuts, said: "The effect of this rhetoric is more hatred, more hysteria and more strife and division in society. [‘Rhetoric’? Weyman Bennett has never said a single word, as a Trot leader of UAF/SWP, that is not both deeply rhetorical and fanatically ideological. I doubt that he can even order a coffee without bringing in some Trotskyist rhetoric into the request. (That’s why every single SWP member and leader is a complete and utter bore. They are utterly humourless because they see hidden politics everywhere; and not just in Cameron’s speech. Then again, compared to Martin Smith, Weyman Bennett is a comic genius. Martin Smith, of the UAF, just really wants to kill a lot of people, be they ‘racists’, ‘fascists’, ‘neo-cons’, ‘Zionists’, ‘neo-liberals’, ‘far right’, ‘Tory toffs’, ‘Tory liberals’... every non-Trot basically, as well as some of them too (such as Chris Bambery).

Bennett also mentions ‘hatred’, 'division’ and ‘strife’. But we all know, on the outside of the extreme left (as well as the extreme right), that this is precisely what Bennett does want (as well as need) - hatred, division and strife. Or, as he would put it, ‘mobilisation’, ‘demonstration’, ‘radicalisation’, ‘street protest’, ‘revolution’ etc.

There is a phrase that summarises the UAF/SWP’s position on hatred, division and strife:

The worse it is, the better it is.


The worse it is for everyone else, the better it is for the revolutionaries.

If there were not hatred, strife and division, then the Trot Revolution would be even more unlikely to happen than it is without such things. There is not a chance in hell that there would ever be a revolution in the UK without massive hatred, massive division and massive violence. So this is precisely what Weyman Bennett actually wants - but preferably from the far left and under the control of the SWP. That would be classic Leftist organised violence, riot, protest - all organised by Bennett and his pals in the SWP Central Committee.]

"Cameron should be ashamed of himself and we should be proud to live in a multicultural society where people from all backgrounds work and struggle together.” [That sounds a bit like a New Labour soundbite. Again, as Bennett well knows (but chooses to ignore because it doesn’t fit into his plan for strife, hatred and division, which will be organised by the SWP), Cameron didn’t reject either immigration or multiculturalism entirely. It is the SWP which thinks in such absolute terms, not Cameron. And precisely because everything must be black and white to the SWP, in order to incite revolution (shades of grey are not conducive to revolution),

Bennett has to take the extremist and absolutist position that

No criticism of immigration or multiculturalism should ever be allowed.

Now who’s really extreme? Bennett and his SWP or Cameron?]

Business secretary, Vince Cable, also expressed his concern about Cameron’s speech on immigration. He deemed it “very unwise” and said that it “risked inflaming extremism”. [Are these people saying that the truth can ‘inflame extremism’? That seems to be part of the subtext of what both Bennett and Vince Cable are saying. That seems to be the case because neither of them have contradicted, or shown to be untrue, any specifics of Cameron’s speech. That is:

It simply doesn’t matter if what Cameron says is true (or just some of it). The point is that if Cameron, or anyone, speaks on the taboo subjects of immigration or multiculturalism, then they must be silenced.

Now that is a terrible position to uphold and extremely dangerous. People can see through these lies and silences about immigration and multiculturalism. And rather than these lies and silences quietening the people down, they are making them angry. Very angry. And the more that Bennett, Cable and the others demand more lies or more silences from all public figures and politicians, the angrier the people will become.

And so they should become more angry! What right have the Bennetts and the Cables of this world to lie to us and to try and silence those who would speak the truth? That will not solve any problems. It will create them.] .....

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