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Weyman Bennett on the Rise of Nazism in Newcastle

First posted: 30th May, 2010

Before Saturday's demo in Newcastle, Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of UAF, gave us all a warning about the rise of fascism. He said:

‘We re going through an economic crisis like the 1930s, we don’t want the same diseases we had then, fascism and racism.’
I’ve got news for Weyman Bennett (who’s a bit slow). This is not 1920/30s Germany. It is 2010 in the UK. The ‘economic crisis’ today is nowhere near as bad as the real crisis of late 1920s and early 1930s Germany. In those days, the Germans had no benefits. There were far more unemployed. The Germans lived a militaristic society with a strong extreme-right tradition. Inflation was also a huge problem too. Doesn't Mr Bennett have faith in the English people? Does he even like them?

The problem is that most Trots spent a lot of their Leftist-studentship years reading loads of books and pamphlets about 1920/30s Germany and the ‘rise of Nazism’. This is when they learned all their far-leftist folk tales about that period and Nazism generally. You know, the one about leftists fighting each other rather than the Nazis…. Oh, sorry. Not that one. And not the one about the leftists getting their orders for Uncle Joe Stalin either. No. One message they get from these selected histories of Germany is that the middle class will vote fascist - or become fascists - if the capitalist system is in crisis. The working class, not being clever Trots like Mr Bennett, will be hoodwinked into Nazism too.

The other message is that because of this, the left must ‘smash Nazi scum’ no matter what form this smashing takes. If Nazis, real or imaginary, aren’t Smashed, Hitler the 2nd will take power in the UK.

There’s a problem with this SWP view of history and the contemporary situation. They warned of a ‘crisis’ in the 1990s too. And they warned of crises a few times in the 80s. And even more times in the 70s. And also in the 60s. Right back to its formation in the 1950s. Indeed the SWP warns of the Crisis, or ‘the impending crisis’, at least two or three times before each breakfast. That is ther grist to their mill. They like frightening people. They like intimidating people. They like telling people what to think. And thus they like banning things. All these things are ‘absolutely necessary’ in order ‘to stop the rise of fascism’ or to further the Revolution itself, Praise Be its Name.

This was partly why we heard that favourite chant of leftists at the EDL demo yesterday: ‘Off our streets, Nazi scum.’ So deep. So meaningful. Such a fucking cliché!

The real Crisis is in the ideology of the SWP and the fact that it can only gain members by becoming or recruiting Islamists, IslamoTrots, or by scaring people about the Crisis or the Rise of Nazism. Anything to further the Cause. Anything for da Revolution.

Mr Bennett also says that the EDL came to Newcastle ‘to try to divide black and white, Muslims and Christians’. That’s odd. Before 1979, probably even later, the SWP was virulently atheistic and anti-religion. The whole tradition of Marxism was atheistic and materialist. That was until the SWP realised it could feed off and try to manipulate Muslims in ‘their struggle against’ whatever. Thus it had to change its tune - big time. It started seeing Islam as simply the epiphenomenon of more important underlying socio-economic and political realities. (Actually, it already believed this. This is Marxism. But that didn't stop the Trots from foul-mouthing religions and the religious.) Thus there was no need to slag off Islam because it was simply the consequence of capitalism, imperialism, exploitation or whatever. Islam was the monkey and capitalism was the organ grinder. So the SWP joined hands with Muslims and the Islamists - all the better to use - and even abuse - them for the Big Revolution to come.

The problem was that although Islam is a chic Brown and Exotic religion, the SWP also had to change its position on Christianity, lest it was accused of hypocrisy or favouritism towards Islam. That’s why Mr Bennett talked about ‘Muslims and Christians’; something that would not have ever been heard in Marxist circles before 1979 or later.

The EDL, on the other hand, is honest about Islam and Islamism. It has no problem with telling the truth about such things. The EDL does not need Muslims or anyone else to further the Revolution. That why the EDL’s Ronnie Burgess, from Liverpool, said:

We don’t want sharia law in the UK being forced upon our people. We are not against Muslims. The message has been lost and we have got a bad press lately.’
I would disagree with Ronnie. We have had a bad press since the formation of the EDL. However, there have been a few chinks of light from the press. Well, two or three of them.

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