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UAF-SWP Hates the (Non-Leftist) White Working Class (2)

First posted: 10th September, 2011

UAF/SWP is the New Daily Mail

The far left has always hated the British working class. Once, the Fabians literally wanted to sterilise the entire working class. Then the Communists and Trotskyites wanted to change it through ‘struggle’ and revolution. The working class never swallowed the far leftist lies about the ‘vanguard of the working class’.

These middle-class far leftists despise the British working class. They pretend it’s just the EDL they despise. But there are well over 50,000 active supporters of the EDL. Is it really the case that every one of these is a ‘racist thug’, or a ‘fascist bigot’, or a ‘knuckle dragger’? Why don’t these UAF/SWP types admit they are snobs in that great English middle- class tradition? Just because they are far leftists with pony tails, died red hair, rucksacks, etc. doesn’t make them any
less snobbish than their parents, grandparents, etc. They are the same type of anti-working class scum who have redesigned the usual middle-class antipathy towards all things working class and given it ‘anti-racist’ or ‘anti-fascist’ clothing.

Embrace the Brown Exotic

Why doesn’t the EDL Embrace Diversity? Why doesn’t it contribute to Community Cohesion? Why are they Racist Thugs?

If only they discussed these issues over numberless dinner parties and after consuming a few Guardian articles. That is: why isn’t the EDL like us? We care, ever so deeply. We love the Brown Exotic – and the Browner the deeper and the more exotica. Browns can do no bad.

We know that because the Racists once said that 'the Browns can do no good'. Simples. Eh?

Let us watch Babyshambles and catch the gleaming eyes of the lovely Martin Smith. We all love each other – but not the racists, fascists, football thugs, Tories, Zionists, neocons, neoliberals...
Muslamic Ray Guns and All That

There’s also an epidemic spreading through Twitter Land at the moment. It’s being spread by loads of Leftist students, Leftist ex-students and, possibly but not likely, by some leftist non-students and even some non-Leftists. That epidemic is a profound political analysis of the EDL and what the movement stands for. This is it: the EDL are thick. That’s it! Nothing more. No analysis of Islamism, militant Muslims, the swamping of the English through immigration because it is ‘hideously white’ (according to one Guardian journalist).

So just as he taps into the Twitter fashion for calling the EDL ‘thick’; so he also uses the now- famous Muslamic Ray Guns video to prove that point - just as all the Tweeters are doing right now! Oh, by the way! Apart from the fact that the EDL guy in the video is clearly drunk, very young, and maybe even a little nervous, what’s funny about a Northern accent? It's a Northern accent, Howard, you know, people Up ‘t’ North speak that way. They don’t speak in the way they do in Leamington Spa or at university - unless they are students or middle class. So stop being such a racist and snob against Northerners and the white working class... But that’s OK nowadays, isn’t it?

Then he shows a clip of Tommy Robinson and I genuinely couldn’t see what the joke was. What was funny about the Tommy Robinson clip? I’m not forcing myself not to find it funny because he’s the leader of the EDL. Unless... unless the funny part of it was Tommy's being working class and speaking in a working class Luton accent! So that’s what’s funny about it! Outrageous! Really.

You Leftist haters of the EDL should get together with Daily Mail readers because they hate the white working class too. Oh. I forgot, Leftists are supposed to hate the Daily Mail and its readership. You seen, the theory is that the Daily Mail hates the white working class from its ‘right wing’ and ‘snobby’ perspective; whereas Howard, all those student Twitterers, UAF/SWP, etc. hate the white working class from a Leftist perspective. And they are not ‘snobby’ with it - at least not in the Hyacinth Bouquet way. Yes they are!

The Left, especially the Trot Left, is terribly and notoriously snobby about the white working class. That’s why they wanted to fundamentally transform it into a revolutionary class which thought differently, acted differently, dressed differently, and even had different social lives. And when the working class refused, point blank, to be the sacrificial fodder for a middle-class Trot revolution, then, as we all now know, they suddenly turned their attention to the Muslims! (But they too will fuck them off in time. However, as in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, etc., hopefully British Islamists and Muslims will kill them and save us the bother.)
The UAF/SWP Revolutionary Middle-Class Class

If class determines ideology, then class determines the ideology of Communists/Trots too. The Class of Communists represents a Vanguard or Elite Class, whether or not it attempts to ‘represent’ or ‘work for’ the working class. That very act of distinguishing themselves from the working class, as Marx acknowledges, sets the Communists up as effectively another class.

The Communist Vanguard Class was a subgroup of the Capitalist Class. Their economic underpinning was the same as that which underpinned the Middle Class. Thus, according to Marx’s own criteria, the economic reality which determined the Middle Class also determined the consciousness of its subgroup – the Communist Vanguard Class - even if that ideology was in fact at odds with the Capitalist Class. This being at odds with capitalism was itself determined by the socio-economic reality that was capitalism, which I think Marx would have accepted.
The SWP’s Racist and Neo-Colonialist Posh Boys
There is a long tradition of Leftist (mainly Trotskyist but sometimes Communist) posh boys and girls condescending towards the Brown Exotic. (Prince Charles, who’s not a Trot, also indulges in this pastime with all things Islamic and Arabic; just as Richard Burton, another aristo in the 19th century, did.)

Since the SWP is big on ‘class analysis’, they can hardly fault me for my approach to the thoroughly middle-class, and often even upper middle-class, nature of the SWP/UAF - or, at the least, of its leaders and theorists over the years.

Since its birth, and into the next few decades, the Central Committee of the SWP was, if anything, more upper middle class, or even aristocratic, than middle class. It certainly wasn’t a good example of the plain and much-hated, by Trots, ‘petite bourgeoisie’.

In other words, many SWP leaders, both today and in the past, have been to public schools. Indeed two current leaders (i.e., members of the SWP Central Committee), Alex Callinicos and Charlie Kimber, have aristocratic backgrounds.

[Left: Lord Acton. Underneath: Alex Callinicos of the SWP. A descendant of Lord Acton. Private school in Zimbabwe. Balliol College, Oxford.]
Let’s start with Alex Callinicos of the SWP Central Committee. He’s a descendant, through his mother, of the 19th century Englishman, Lord Acton. His mother was the Hon. Aedgyth Bertha Milburg Mary Antonia Frances Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, herself the daughter of the 2nd Lord Acton, and grand daughter of Lord Acton, the historian. Callinicos himself was educated at a private school, St George's College, in Zimbabwe (colonialist style) and he then went to Balliol College, Oxford.

[Left: Sir Henry Kimber, 1st Baronet. Charlie Kimber, SWP Central Committe, is his descendent.]
Then there's ‘Charlie' Kimber, the new kid in the SWP Central Committee. Who's he related to? He’s related to Sir Henry Kimber, 1st Baronet.

Now for Chris Nineham. Also SWP Central Committee. He was educated at Westminster public school.

But, admittedly, it's not all about private schools and aristocratic backgrounds. The point is that this neo-colonial mindset has been passed on to all those SWP automatons who literally memorise the party line before they let themselves loose on the streets

We also have John Rees. I’m not sure if he’s yet another posh-boy Trot. (He’s ex-SWP, now Counterfire.) However, he’s certainly another neo-colonialist who’s so far up the arse of Islamism, Islamists and Arabs that he’s even been allowed to present ‘anti-Zionist’ historico-docs (on the Islam Channel) on how uniquely evil Israel is when compared to the sweetness and light of the Sudanese Jangaweed, the Pakistani Deobandi, and even the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Hamas.

If it not all SWP, it's certainly all posh neo-colonialism. Take two non-SWP lovers of the Brown Exotic, Seumas Milne and the ‘right wing' Peter Oborne.

[Left: Seumas Milne. Son of a BBC Director-General. Winchester College (a top public school). Balliol College, Oxford. (Was he there with Alex Callinicos?)]
Seumus Milne is formerly of the Guardian (though he still writes for it). He’s the younger son of the former BBC Director-General Alasdair Milne. This Stalinist attended Winchester College and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford . Seumas is more Stalinist/Communist than SWP-Trot. But he's still a very posh boy . He’s always writing in defence of Muslims. Then again, he has also written in defence of Stalinism, the IRA, Saddam Hussein, etc. Basically, he will defend any individual or group that doesn’t remind him too much of his privileged background and the people who crossed him as a kid or when he was growing up. He’ll defend anyone - or anything - non-Establishment in order to cleanse the Establishment within himself.

Then there’s Peter Oborne of the Daily Telegraph. He’s perhaps noticeable for being a ‘right-wing’ defender of all things Islamic and Muslim. But the important point is that he too, along with his new-found Leftist friends, is yet another Islamophile posh boy. He was educated at Sherborne boys' Public School and then Christ’s College, Cambridge. He too is a perfect neo-colonialist in the tradition, bizarrely enough, of the upper-class Trots of the SWP who also simply adore the Brown Exotic.

[Left: Sue Blackwell of Birmingham University. She has made it her life's work to care deeply for the Brown Exotic and Oppressed Palestinians and to ignore all the other people who suffer in the world.]
Finally, let’s take an Islamophile (or Dhimmi) who’s a ‘former member of the SWP’ but only a lowly university professor. Her name is Sue Blackwell. She’s the supreme anti-Zionist of the UK. She works at Birmingham University. I have included her because she graphically displays the hypocrisy and condescension of Trotskyists towards Muslims.

The late Chris 'From a Working-Class Background' Harman

It is the case that certain SWP leaders or theorists were indeed brought up in ‘working-class backgrounds' (there are a couple), as Wiki accounts (usually written by SWP) put it. However, a massive distinction needs to be made between those who were 'brought up in working-class families', and what these people actually are now and what they have been more or less since university days (if not before). The other thing is, I would argue, that this neo-colonialist SWP position and mindset has been passed onto even those SWP with ‘working-class backgrounds’; just as the SWP argue that ‘capitalist ideology’ is passed onto the working class.

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