Saturday, 8 February 2014

UAF hypocrisy over Tommy Robinson invitation to Holocaust memorial event

First posted: 24th January, 2014:

Although it doesn't altogether matter now because Tommy Robinson (ex-EDL) has been “imprisoned by the State” for eighteen months, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) had still previously protested about the man being invited to a Holocaust Memorial Day E.... However, this Trotskyist (or at least Trotskyist-run) group didn't have a word to say about the invitation to former IRA terrorist, Patrick (Pat) Magee. This man is the notorious 'Brighton bomber'. And no doubt he blew some women and children to smithereens before Brighton; as well as kneecapped a few kids. (He joined the IRA in 1969; so he must have done – either personally or by giving orders.)

You see, UAF-SWP, as ever, is very, very choosy about the violence and bigotry it opposes. It is virulently against raucous EDL demos and EDL “football hooligans”. On the other hand, it supports (via Marxist theory) - or at least justifies, rationalises and explains - Islamic terrorism and Islamism. UAF even does the same when it comes to Muslim child grooming, female genital mutilation, honour killings, Islamic misogyny, polygamy, etc. (It's amazing how Marxist theory can make red seem blue or X come out as not-X.)

The SWP, which runs UAF, also used to support PLO and IRA terrorism. (“Critical but unconditional support.”) Speaking of the IRA, it was of course supported by various Muslim countries and the PLO. That is, they provided money, weapons and training. The IRA, like virtually all Arab Muslim states, also supported the National Socialists (Nazis) both before and during the Second World War. That love of Nazism, as well as of Hitler and Mein Kampf, has continued, in the Muslim world, until today. (Mein Kampf has been a continuous best-seller in the Muslim world: from Cairo to Bangladesh.)

In fact, the SWP-UAF has defended and supported Leftist regimes which murdered tens of millions and imprisoned millions more. As I said, violence and oppression, when done for a good (Leftists) cause, is completely OK to the average Leftist. It's only when the wrong group is committing violence and oppression, and for the wrong reasons, that violence and oppression are wrong. In other words, the SWP-UAF doesn't think that violence and oppression are wrong at all. This is a kind of Marxist relativism. Or, at the very least, Marxist theory somehow makes certain acts of violence (even mass killings) and oppression (even the Gulag) right and justifiable. 

Put it this way:

right-wing violence & oppression = bad
Leftist violence & oppression = good

UAF-SWP didn't have anything to say about the ex-Al-Muhajiroun invitee either.

I think hypocrisy is the word.

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