Sunday, 9 February 2014

Typical Liberal (US) or Leftist (UK)

i) ‘We need to love and respect all cultures.’ - Except fox-hunting culture; ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ cultures; ‘bourgeois opera’; nationalist/patriotic cultures. Yet liberals and leftists tacitly accept cliterodectomy, polygamy and even violent jihad when the culprit is a Brown Exotic. (See ‘celebrate diversity’ for a similar list.)

ii) ‘Believes in freedom of speech.’ - Except when practised by ‘Nazis’, ‘fascists’, ‘Islamophobes’, ‘racists’, the EDL, the BNP, counter-jihadists, right-wing Tories, ‘neo-Cons’, ‘Christian Zionists’; ‘far-right Republicans’. All these suffer from the pervasive leftist No Platform Policy, which rules the roost in nearly all Student Union offices, etc.

iii) ‘Protests against the 1%.’ - Except hip bands like U2/Coldplay/Pink Floyd, etc. who are all multimillionaires; except liberal Hollywood actors and actresses; their mummies and daddies; the Leftist/Liberal Establishment, which includes professors, journalists, lecturers, political leaders, and even Church leaders.

iv) ‘Hates capitalism.’ - Except the capitalist bodies owned and run by their parents; the Body Shop; the multi-million business of New Age Spookery; the publishers of Noam Chomsky’s weekly books.

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