Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tommy Robinson and George Galloway on Talk Sport

First posted: 20th November, 2010

George Galloway accuses Tommy of lying on at least two occasions. Allahsway does this a lot. He is well known for it. Every time someone offers him an inconvenient truth or fact, he calls him/her a 'liar'. (There are many YouTube videos of him accusing Christopher Hitchens of being a 'liar'.) This is strange because Allahsway himself is a supreme liar - and he is well known for it. This is either Freudian Projection or a Stalinist method for killing debate or opposition.

Tommy mentions the fact that at a Respect meeting he went to, the men were separated from the women. Allahsway says this is 'a lie'. A lie? Is that why there are many photos (not just those in this post) of this happening? Is that why I myself have experienced it? Is that why there were disputes between Respect and the SWP, and within the SWP, on this very issue of Islamist sexual apartheid?

Clearly, Galloway is the real liar. And, as with most liars, that's why he often accuses his opponents of lying. Why the Islamists and Trots can't see through this exhibitionist, I don't know. They deserve each other!
*) Galloway accusing someone else of being a liar - 33 seconds (below). Again, this video itself proves that it is Galloway who is the real lair. But I really don't think he cares. Exhibiting himself is his prime motive. Also, leftists believe in what they call 'lying for Justice'. However, I think Galloway just can't help but lie. Without lies, he would not be the fool-on-TV that he is.

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