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Thou Shall Not Question Multiculturalism

First posted: 19th February, 2011

From the Socialist Worker article, 'Why we're proud of multicultural Britain':

Activists explain why they are supporting an anti-racist statement after David Cameron's comments on multiculturalism

Sign this statement:

‘We believe David Cameron’s statement that multiculturalism has failed was a dangerous declaration of intent. David Cameron’s speech was reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s infamous 1978 statement that Britain was “being swamped by alien cultures”.

'He has branded Britain’s Muslims as the new “enemy within” in the same way as Thatcher attacked the miners and trade unions.

'David Cameron is attempting to drive a wedge between different communities by linking Britain’s multicultural society with terrorism and national security.

'David Cameron’s speech was made on the same day as the English Defence League (EDL) brought its bigotry and violence to the streets of Luton.

'Mr Cameron’s aim is simple as it is crude – to deflect the anger against his government’s cuts from the bankers and onto the Muslim community.

'The prime minister is aping attacks by other European leaders like France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, who passed legislation banning the veil, and Angela Merkel, who has also made statements denouncing multiculturalism in Germany.

'We believe that our multicultural society and the respect and solidarity it is built on is a cause for pride, and reject any moves by this government to undermine and destroy it.

'We must not allow this coalition government to turn the tide back to the days when it was acceptable, through ignorance and fear, for people with a different religion, culture or skin colour to be scapegoated and treated as inferior or outsiders.’ - Martin Smith, UAF, Love Music Not Racism, SWP

Sign online at www.gopetition.com/petitions/defend-multiculturalism.html

EDL Extra comments are in red:

Shemiza Rashid - Luton-based founder of the Creative Muslim Network, teacher, radio presenter and inter-faith art consultant
I was shocked and confused when I heard the prime minister’s comments. The day after the EDL march should have been primarily a joyful occasion: we overcame a big hurdle. [What does she mean by that – a ‘big hurdle’? The EDL didn’t go to Luton to attack Muslims in their shops, mosques, and on the streets. This UAF/SWP or Muslim propaganda is used to wind up the Brown Oppressed. And when the violence doesn’t materialise, this Muslim still talks about ‘overcoming a big hurdle’. But that hurdle was concocted by the UAF/SWP in the first place. They want violence. Trots need violence. Violence = ‘mobilisation’, which is itself a way to Radicalise and ultimately bring about the Revolution.]
It was a slap in the face for the efforts of Luton’s community who came together against the extremism of the EDL. [Only because the Trots tried ever so hard to convince people that it was a ‘slap in the face’. Perhaps Cameron was just stating what he takes to be the truth about multiculturalism’s enablement of extreme Islam. He may indeed be wrong, but why talk about a ‘slap in the face’? Again, UAF/SWP needs such fictional slaps in the face in order to ‘mobilise’; thus radicalise; thus revolutionise. The SWP is indeed monomaniacal about radicalisation and the revolution. ‘Run all materials for the Intifada’, eh?]
The day showed multiculturalism and integration at its best.

But Cameron’s statement made it feel as if the town was being catapulted back to Thatcher’s Britain—and the real face of Conservatism was exposed. [So; everyone must get this. The UAF/SWP isn’t just against ‘fascists’ like the BNP and the EDL. They’re against ‘fascists’ like the Conservative Party too! Everyone would end up in SWP/UAF gulags, not just the obvious targets like the EDL. In the 1980s, of which this IslamoTrot speaks, SWP members did see Conservatives as ‘fascists’, if ‘disguised’ ones. And then it will be the left wing of the Conservative Party. Then right-wing socialists. Then left-wing ‘reformist’ socialists… until there are not many people left - only the SWP and Muslims. And, as history has shown, the battles between different revolutionary groups can be just as vicious as those between the far left and ‘fascists’.]
Cameron’s understanding of multiculturalism, like his formula for the failure of the economy, is to blame someone else. In this instance, it is Muslims. [Which must mean that Cameron is really to blame… for everything! So it’s not just the BNP? And the EDL? And the ‘neocons’? And the ‘neoliberals’? And the ‘Zionists’? And the bankers?
In this pathetically black-and-white version of the UK, Muslims can only ever be victims. That is, the Brown Exotics of the Oppressed are treated like children by the white middle-class party, the SWP. Is this ‘inverted racism’ or just plain racism?]
I feel nervous that the real essence of multiculturalism may be lost to a bygone age and replaced by a new breed of colonialism. [What the f*ck! This guy is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, as all far-leftists are.]
Multiculturalism has not failed and we should not let Cameron denounce 60 years of rich multicultural British heritage. [Who says it ‘has not failed’? By what and whose standard has it not failed?]
I hope multicultural values will be strengthened but I cannot be naïve—we may need to work twice as hard now to keep the torch burning. [Poetry from an IslamoTrot – no wonder it’s sh*t.]
Integration should not be a forced process. [Not even for serial killers, paedophiles and Islamoterrorists?]
This hostility towards multiculturalism will breed a new form of racism under the guise of political correctness. [Eh?]
I am opposed to extremism, but it comes in many forms, including the far right such as the EDL and the British National Party. [No! According to IslamoTrots like this, ‘extremism’ can only come from the Right – not from Muslims, Islamists or the SWP/UAF.]
Now David Cameron has legitimised Islamophobia in the eyes of the far right. [Did the EDL need its anti-Islamism ‘legitimised’ by David Cameron? I don’t think so. That’s even if Islamophobia is the correct meaning of ‘anti-Islamism’. If anything, the PM has probably been thinking about what the EDL has said and done. At least in his spare time!]
My family has lived in Britain for five generations. I’m proud to live here. But now I feel very conscious about my children’s future—growing up Muslims in Britain. [Remain 'proud', as long as you don’t encourage a violent leftist or Islamist revolution, or legitimise stoning for adultery, or Islamic terror, etc. If not, piss off to Cuba or Iran.]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeremy Corbyn Islington North, Labour MP
David Cameron chose the day of an EDL march to speak at a conference on security and discuss his perception of the alleged failures of multiculturalism. He made allegations of extremism in the Islamic community, but failed to criticise any extreme right wing racist groups or recognise the problems of Islamophobia or any other forms of racial intolerance. [Right-wing groups don’t bomb, on the whole. They don’t praise bombers. They do not riot. They do not want to overthrow the parliamentary system, etc. At least this is true of the EDL. And why should Cameron have mentioned right-wing ‘racists’ in the same speech? That’s a leftist demand motivated by a certain ideological position. Again, right-wing ‘extremism’, at least in terms of the EDL, is in no way parallel to Islamist extremism and Islamoterrorism and its support. To claim so is to ‘lie for [leftist] Justice’. In any case, Cameron has slagged off the EDL in his own snobby way, which is not that different to Trot/SWP snobbism towards the working class.]
I have the honour to represent a very multicultural constituency. There are mosques, churches, synagogues and people from dozens of countries. People work together as an inclusive and cohesive community. [Saying a community is a ‘cohesive community’ does not make it a cohesive community, not matter how many times it is said. Perhaps repeating the cliché ‘cohesive community’ does not even contribute to forming a cohesive community. On the whole, lying doesn’t improve anything.]
This is achieved by recognising cultural, linguistic and religious identity, as well as the common good of the entire community.

If Cameron wants a lesson in how modern Britain works he should visit my constituency, or indeed dozens of others around the country. The deference and racism of the 1950s are long behind us. It’s time David Cameron, as our prime minister, understood 21st century Britain. [Empty leftist pieties!]
Kanja Ibrahim Sesay NUS Black Students’ Officer
Cameron’s flawed concept of the big society is that it appears to include everyone but the Muslim community. [Not all the Muslim community. Cameron never said that every Muslim, or every Muslim community, needs to get its house in order. But, then again, Sesay probably knows this. S/he will be ‘lying for Justice’, as all SWP supporters do. Things like this need to be heated up for radicalisation and ultimately the Revolution. And Muslims are the new pawns in the endless SWP game of Revolution.]
Multiculturalism is part of British life. It leads to a more integrated society that promotes social cohesion based on being informed and respectful. [Just empty words that can’t be fleshed out. It is extreme multiculturalism, as propagated specifically by the far left, which Cameron is against. The kind of multiculturalism that ultimately destroys itself in that every group, except the white working class, is given it own ultimate legitimacy through the state’s uncritical approval. Yes, we are talking about certain Islamic groups here – not multiculturalism as a whole.] We must continue to celebrate it and do all we can to promote it. [All this Celebrating Diversity and Multiculturalism. You wonder if people have any time left just to live in a multicultural society, rather than just constantly Celebrate it.]
We can create a more inclusive society, which will defeat extremism and fascism. [Trots, Islamists and IslamoTrots are the most bigoted and inclusive people I can think of. And reading these empty paeans to Diversity and Community Cohesion simply prove it.]
Dr Jonathan Githens-Mazer Co-director of the European Muslim Research Centre
Discussions about tolerance in our society are worth having, but they should not be attached to a counter-terrorism agenda or become a politically convenient way for defining who our friends or our foes are. [Why not? Isn’t it Islamoterrorism that has shown us that multiculturalism may actually have - at least some! - very negative results. If it weren’t for 7/7, poppy burning and the many convictions for terrorism, then no one on the left would consider multiculturalism - even for a second. It is simply taken as a given. A perfect and faultless given at that. Anyone who did question this deeply ideological and black-and-white vision of multiculturalism was classed as ‘racist’ or even ‘fascist’. Such is the method red fascists have used to shut up every opponent and block every ideological alternative. Muslims themselves have learned this lesson from the far left. That’s one of the reasons why Muslims have been racialised. A clever little ideological tool to silence all criticism of Muslims and Islam, which is now deemed as racism or Islamophobia. Shut your enemies up, eh? Even if the Islamoleft’s enemies are multitudinous.]
That is irresponsible. It runs the risk of increasing the divisions which may exist in our communities—divisions which many people from all backgrounds are constantly working to overcome. [By pointing out Islamic crimes, or anti-social Muslim behaviour or beliefs, you are making things worse, or so Dr Githens-Mazer must think. So things actually get worse when they are ignored. But also made worse when not ignored. That’s the logic of such a keep-quiet-about-Muslims-and-Islam stance. And it must be opposed.]
Billy Hayes General secretary, CWU union
My immediate thoughts on hearing Cameron’s comments were that he is taking the same Islamophobic turn as German chancellor Angela Merkel. [‘Islamophobia!’ ‘Islamophobia!’ ‘Islamophobia!’ It’s a miracle that these people actually have time to think considering the numerous times they use that word - ‘Islamophobia’.]
There is a real danger that it will give every racist a licence to intimidate Muslims.
I welcome the response of Unite Against Fascism [i.e., SWP], Love Music Hate Racism [i.e., SWP], and One Society Many Cultures [i.e., SWP?], to challenge him.

In the unions we must ensure our members and activists are alert to the increased potential for attacks upon Muslims, inside the workplace and the community. [What about Muslim attacks on non-Muslims? What about the numerous Muslim gangs in the towns and cities of the UK? What about the grooming of young non-Muslim girls in Blackburn, Bolton, Derby, etc?]

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