Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Worst of Britain: Seumas Milne

'Kill all capitalists! Every last one of them! Just like my hero, Stalin, did. Then get to work on the Jews (just as Uncle Joe did), the Islamophobes, the far right, UKIP, the BNP, the right-wing of the Conservative Party... then all of the Conservative Party...'
Journalist, Stalinist activist and Islamophile – this man is one of the most extreme leftists - he’s a self-confessed Stalinist - in England, and yet he often writes for the ‘liberal’ Guardian.

Seumas Milne is the younger son of the former BBC Director-General Alasdair Milne. This Stalinist attended Winchester College and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford . Seumas is more Stalinist/Communist than SWP-Trot. But he's still a very posh boy . He’s always writing in defence of Muslims. Then again, he has also written in defence of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Stalinism, the IRA, China, Saddam Hussein, etc. Basically, he will defend any individual or group that doesn’t remind him too much of his privileged background and the people who crossed him as a kid (or when he was growing up). He’ll defend anyone - or anything - non-‘Establishment’ in order to cleanse the Establishment within himself.
 ‘The way western politicians and media have pontificated about Israel's onslaught on Gaza, you'd think it was facing an unprovoked attack from a well-armed foreign power.’ -  Seumas Milne

“All his [Milne’s] adult life has been devoted to glorifying Stalinism and dictatorship. He seems to have a psychological need for a strong leader-figure. He certainly holds democracy in any form, in complete disdain. On leaving Balliol he became business manager of Straight Left (the publication of an ultra-Stalinist faction within the British Communist Party), and since joining the Guardian (via a stint at the Economist) has frequently devoted columns to defending/excusing/downplaying the mass murder that took place under his hero.” Shiraz Socialist
Seumas Milne writing for the 'liberal' Guardian.

From Wikipedia:  Seumas Milne (born 1958) is a British journalist and writer known for his left-wing views.[1][2][3] A columnist and associate editor at The Guardian newspaper... The younger son of the former BBC Director General Alasdair Milne, Milne attended Winchester College and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford and Economics at Birkbeck College, London University. …. Milne was involved in a Stop the War Coalition appeal to stop attacks on the Muslim community...  In his speech… :

   “ A racist portrayal of Muslims and Islam in general, a tendency to hype all bogus terror plots into something utterly beyond the pale... A process which is verged on incitement, and has played a central role I think in isolating and intimidating the community, and as we seen in places like Luton and elsewhere, effectively fueling violence on the streets and attacks on Muslim institutions and mosques in particular.”

Milne has attacked what he calls "the creeping historical revisionism that tries to equate Nazism and communism…  He has written that communism's "crimes are now so well rehearsed that they are in danger of obliterating any understanding of its achievements, both of which have lessons for the future of progressive politics and the search for a social alternative to globalised capitalism".[22] Milne has also criticised the Council of Europe and others for adopting "as fact the wildest estimates of those 'killed by communist regimes'".[23] …
Would any newspaper - any equivalent of the Guardian - ever be allowed to let the right-wing equivalent of Milne – an outright Nazi! – write in any national newspaper?  Of course not! Though Milne himself will categorise all his enemies as ‘Nazis’; just as his hero, Stalin, did.

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