Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Worst of Britain: John Rees (ex-SWP, Counterfire, Iran's Press TV...)

"How far into your anus [of an Arab or a Muslim] must my tongue go before I've made amends for my guilt over all the Western colonialism and racism which has proceeded me?"

“Western imperialism and the new regimes must give the illusion of change for things to remain the same. The movements in Egypt and elsewhere created a revolutionary process with the power to overthrow the system, not merely to gain reforms. They must struggle for a permanent revolution to achieve far-reaching social and economic change.” - John Rees

“… the Arab revolutions we see a broadly similar pattern. The pattern is, if w
e use the terminology of the Russian Revolution, an initial ‘February’ revolution that brings down an authoritarian regime followed by a series of struggles which more or less consciously try to go beyond a settlement which is limited to a capitalist economy and a parliamentary democracy. .. How does the left both participate in the movement of the day but also organise to move beyond it to mount a more fundamental challenge to the entire system?” - John Rees

Profile of John Rees in Timeline (part of the Islam Channel; he also propagandises for Iran's Press TV):

“… John is a co-founder of the Stop the War Coalition and one of its national officers. He has been centrally involved in organising all the anti-war marches of recent years including the 2 million strong demonstrations in London on 15th February 2003, the biggest political demonstration in British history.

John is also one of the founders and the current Vice President (Europe) of the Cairo Conference, now in its seventh year, which brings together peace activists from across the globe for an annual conference in the Egyptian capital.”

John Rees has probably done more to fuse the Trotskyist left (or even the left generally) and Islam, Muslims and Islamists, than almost anyone else in that gang. Muslims, to him, are fodder for his Trotskyist middle-class revolution (almost entirely led by professors and academics from various British universities). The sad thing is that it is the Muslims - especially the Islamists! (who have borrowed numerous totalitarian leftist ideas over the last 60 years or so) - who are using the Trots!
From Wikipedia: John Rees (born 1957) is a British political activist, broadcaster and writer who is a national officer of the Stop the War Coalition and founding member of Counterfire who was formerly associated with the Socialist Workers Party. He participated in and reported on the Egyptian revolution in 2011 about which he made two TV documentaries, Inside the Egyptian Revolution and Egypt in Revolution. For the Islam Channel, he is the writer and presenter of the political history series Timeline and a presenter of the Politics and Media programme. His most recent books are Timelines, a political history of the modern world and A People's History of London, co-authored with Lindsey German.

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