Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The SWP and the Curse of the RoboTrot

[Left: the Reverend Ray Gaston
of Birmingham.]

The mode of behaviour, speech and thought of the average Trotskyite or RoboTrot is essentially robotic. For example, for many (especially new recruits and students) it is literally about memorising the Party Line, which allows few - if any - deviations. There is a little room for manoeuvre, but only within sharply and dogmatically defined parameters. I have heard students who have only been members of the SWP for a couple of weeks spouting, in that stream-of-consciousness way, long tracts of Trotskyite cliché about X or Y. They literally memorise most of the positions in the Socialist Worker before they go to work. They rarely question what is given to them because deviation and even procrastination are frowned upon – they are seen as ‘bourgeois traits’ which work against Revolution and Radicalisation. Too much criticism – indeed too much independent thought (or any kind of thought) - is dangerous. It will shake the Party. It will pollute or slow down the Revolution. It will work against Radicalisation. Thus new recruits literally shut themselves up and quickly realise that independent thinking is not wanted or needed in a Trotskyist environment. What matters is what the Party states. What the Party says is essentially what the regional leaders say. And what the regional leaders say is what the Central Committee says.

Once you are a member of the SWP, no qualms - and sometimes even questions - are allowed. They are, after all, fuelled by ‘capitalist ways of thinking’ or ‘middle-class hang-ups’. It is action that is praised. Though it is action which is completely fuelled by theories which rely very little on experience or previous ‘praxis’.

Just as Marxists traditionally believed that the whole of morality is a ‘bourgeois invention’, so for example, the ‘habit against lying’ is seen, effectively, as a 'bourgeois hang-up'. Thus it is allowed, whether that is saying ‘the BNP are here in Birmingham’ (or in Manningham) or saying that 'a mosque has been attacked' or 'a Muslim has been stabbed'. All these blatant lies are acceptable if they get the Trotskyist job of revolution, or radicalisation or violent conflict done!

RoboTrots are allowed to lie and distort for the Cause, whichever cause happens to be in fashion at the time. The Cause is always so important that lies and, well, anything is acceptable. Trots have their own kind of Taqiyya. That's why they are at one with the Islamists. I'm being literal here. Trots accept lies and distortion. They will even say this to each other in private and when the ‘problem is pressing’.

The enemy is so bad, every action taken against it permissible. Everything the enemy believes is also evil – by Trotskyite definition. The ‘right wing’, ‘fascist’, ‘Tory’, ‘reformist’, ‘racist’, ‘imperialist, ‘Zionist’ ‘thuggish’, enemy must be demonised or dehumanised in just the way they accuse others of doing with, say, Muslims or whichever group is the subject of today’s leftist condescension. Even if they find something positive from ‘the Right’, they will paint it negatively. Giving the enemy any common humanity will make the Struggle harder and it will slow down the Revolution or pollute the pure radicalism or radicalisation of whichever group they are patronising at the present time.

Basically, for all RoboTrots, the end justifies the means. The end, whether revolution, radicalisation, etc. justifies any and all means, even means which include conflict and huge fatalities. Nothing matters but the Revolution and/or the radicalisation of, say, Muslims, or the working class, or students, or miners, or Methodist/Anglican ministers, etc. Revolution or radicalisation is their Paradise or Heaven. It is that perfect and pure state which all Trotskyites try to bring about during every waking hour. The more they sacrifice themselves for the Revolution, or Radicalisation, the purer and more holy they become. They punish themselves with their revolutionary/radicalisation workload, which becomes a kind of Trotskyite hair shirt worn for the Calling and the Cause.

Stop Racism!- do anything: say anything
Smash the EDL!- do anything: say anything
Stop the Tories!- do anything: say anything
Smash Capitalism!- do anything: say anything
Stop Islamophobia!- do anything: say anything
Stop People disagreeing with us! - do anything: say anything
Smash This and Smash That! - do anything: say anything

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