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The Respect Party Will Ban, Ban and Ban Again

First posted: 28th April, 2010

(Above: a very mixed Respect

(Left: Chomsky, with Hezbollah's
nice anti-Semitic leader, Nasrallah.)

Aren’t Respect, and its IslamoTrot leader, Salma Yaqoob, simply showing us their true IslamoTrot colours by attempting to get the EDL banned? That's what Respect wants. If you ban EDL demos, you ban the EDL. Full stop. The demos are how the EDL expresses its political position against Islamism and IslamoFascism. It has no other strong outlet.
Yaqoob, Galloway and the Respect Islamists are profoundly anti-democratic; not even simply un-democratic. But, of course, their totalitarian instincts are always called upon for some 'vitally important cause' or other; or because something is so 'politically dangerous' that 'banning is a necessity'. That’s why Trots, and other types of fascist, always want to ban things. They always have their rationalisations.

There are already laws in place which deal with incitement to violence, racism, etc. But Yaqoob and co. want to go further than this, as per usual. In fact red fascists won’t stop until just about every non-IslamoTrot is in prison or in a gulag. They are utterly scared of all contradictory opinions and opposing political parties. No surprise there. They would be squashed by any form of real debate. That’s why they hate debate. That’s why they would ban, ban and ban again.

How dare Yaqoob try to impose her IslamoTrot views on the British people anyway? What is it that she wants to impose? The Islamist part of her mind is deeply totalitarian and theocratic. The Trot part is, well, the same but with a different filling. She and her party care so much about the ‘vital issues’ of the day that she simply doesn’t trust democracy. But of course, she’s also using and manipulating democracy at the same time. She has no choice but to do so. She doesn’t want to be forever on the edge of power like Islam4UK and other fringe Islamist and Trot groups. She wants a limelight which will eventually give her the real power she requires to get rid of all her ‘enemies’ (a word she often uses!). Her enemies? The list is huge: ‘neo-cons, ‘neo-liberals’, ‘Zionists’, the EDL, the BNP, Stop the Islamification of Europe, Conservatives, right wingers of all types, etc. Basically; everyone who is not ‘progressive’ (like the Islamists) or ‘radical’ (like far leftists).

Yaqoob and her party are very dangerous. If only the media and the BBC had as much fear and hatred for these people as they have for the far right and the BNP. This double standard is enabling the far left to gain so much power. Indeed they already have power in the media, in the universities, in the ‘human rights’ bodies, etc. and even in the Church of England. This is the real Gramscian ‘hegemony’ they talk so much about. But it is a hegemony and rule of the far left. And also of the PC puritan Thought Police who run our councils and public spheres like the knee-capping ‘vice police’ of the deeply spiritual Hamas.

Think about the man who used to lead this despicable party – George Galloway. A person who has made it obvious to numerous people that he despises everything that is British. He simply adored brown-exotic dictators like Saddam Hussein and still adores killers like Hamas and Hezbollah. This man would be dangerous if he weren’t such an exhibitionist clown. He is a danger to all outside his tiny IslamoTrot club of consistent political failures. This man has shaken the hands, with a big smile on his face, of Saddam Hussein, dictators in Syria, Iranian Ayatollahs, terrorist killers – anybody brown, exotic and deeply at odds with European values, which he clearly is.

Why go all the way to a ban of the EDL anyway? There are already laws against incitement to violence, racist language, etc. Doesn’t Yaqoob realise that if a party or demo doesn’t go beyond the law, then there is no lawful problem with it? This is not Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China or Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Is Yaqoob forgetting where she lives? Is she getting Britain mixed up with Iran, or Cuba, or Pakistan?

If the IslamoTrots hate British traditions and laws so much, then the door is always open. Don’t try and eat the system from within. The British people, on the whole, will not stand for it. We can sniff a political alien from a mile away. And Yaqoob’s Islamism and Trotskyism are deeply alien to the British mind. That’s why she must ban and demand new laws. That’s why Respect only has a handful of non-Muslim supporters and members. That’s why most Brits would give her hell were it were not for the fact that she's a woman who wears a hijab. We are quite simply frightened of being called 'Islamophobic' or 'racist'. You know? All the word-tools the Trots use to silence criticism and debate. All the tools which Islamists also use to stop any critical debate about Islam, Mohammed and the Koran.

Again, why should a councillor, who only has the support of Muslims, a few Trots and the Rev. Ray Gaston, have any say about banning the EDL? How dare she? The EDL is a grass roots organisation. You know, like the ‘grass roots' organisations which were once supposed to be led by Trots - and were therefore not grass roots organisations at all. Yaqoob should be in favour of a genuine grass-roots EDL because it gives a voice to the many people who have otherwise been ignored by politicians. Not to mention their views being completely rejected by numerous academics, lecturers, and the other professionals - the ones who simply adore Respect and Hamas.

Yaqoob will say that she’s for a ban because the EDL ‘stirs up racial hatred’. But the real reason, or at least the main reason, is that the EDL is anti-Islamism, anti-Trot and anti-IslamoTrot. It is a group which wants to tackle the rise of Islamism in Britain.

She is also for a ban because the EDL is indeed a threat – not to black people or other ethnic groups; but to Islamists and Trots. The EDL has become the voice of a large section of the working class, as well as of the middle class. Something Trots or the SWP never managed and will never manage to do. And why is that? Because Trots don’t reflect the people’s views. Their primary aim is to change the people’s views. As for Islamists, just like the Trots, they are also always run middle class professionals; sometimes even by very rich people.

How else could there be any genuine reason for the accusations of racism aimed at the EDL if any one of these IslamoTrots or journalists had actually come to the EDL demo in Dudley and seen the black and Asian faces there? They must also have looked at the EDL forum and seen that it is non-racist. Any racism which occurs on the Forum is dealt with very quickly.

The accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ are all lies. In fact Respect, UAF and the others actually know they are all lies! That doesn’t matter to them because lying and deceit are permitted in Trotskyism. As long as the lies are done for the revolution, or for radicalisation, or for the oppressed. The Islamists lie in a similar vein because Islam itself has the concept of taqiyya.

So it is not really a surprise that the EDL is accused of racism by groups and organisations which are led by hard-core Trots. What’s worse than that is that these Trots themselves know that it’s all lies.

The Birmingham Mail and the Far Left
How can a single-issue group be ‘far right’? Right and left groups are defined by a whole batch of beliefs, ideologies and principles across the board. Even in principle, being against Islamofascism can’t make someone either far left or far right. The adjective ‘far right’ is often simply parroted by regional journalists who can’t be bothered thinking for themselves or are too stupid to do so. Fancy accusing a group of being ‘far right’ for being against something which is itself far right – Islamism or Islamofascism. This is quite simply perverse. It doesn’t even make sense.

And that’s where the Trots come in. They create the lexicon, and sometimes even supply the content, of political ‘discussion’ which they then feed to lazy or thick regional journalists who don’t even realise they are being played around with by deceitful, manipulative and deeply anti-democratic Trots and Islamists.

That’s how the Trots have power these days. No one joins the SWP or other revolutionary Trot groups any more (except for around 3 or 4 first-year students). No one wants a violent revolution. The working class never did. So the Trots infiltrate, take over and, as I said, they provide the lexicon and even the content of all debates about Islam, racism and whatnot. That’s where the power lies. It is a disguised or hidden power... Actually, it’s not that secret to those who want to look. It only takes five minutes of Google-time to realise that the leadership of UAF includes at least four active and important members of the SWP – an anti-parliamentary red-fascist party. Why is the Birmingham Mail so damn stupid?

These ‘annual antiracism concerts in every major city’, which were uncritically written about in the Birmingham Mail, are just the trick for the IslamoTrots to get down to their dirty business of radicalising people. Instead of a ‘SWP festival’, the Trots do their stuff hidden behind organisations like Hope Not Hate, the UAF, Music not Racism and others. No wonder. As soon as the SWP shows a banner or approaches with a Socialist Worker newspaper people run a mile. That’s why we now have Hope Not Hate, UAF, Music not Racism and the Guardian instead. The Marxist Gramsci and others gave up on straight down-the-line revolution ages ago. Instead now it’s all about infiltration or the creation of groups and organisations which don’t wear their Trotskyism on their sleeves. Even the Church nowadays is often the gullible child of PC bullshit and failed Trotskyist ideas.

Respect, the SWP and Proportional Representation
Why is Respect suddenly in favour of proportional representation? Simple. It is the only way it can get real and centralised political power. Of course, if they ever came close to being the main political power in the UK then it would be ‘goodbye to PR!’ The IslamoTrot revolution is simply too important to leave to parliamentary democracy.

The Birmingham Mail journalist seems to make something, even if only implicitly, of the SWP-Respect split, if it was a true split, in 2007. Some people, including this journalist, may think that Respect split with the SWP because it found the group too extreme or too revolutionary. Not so. The prime reason was that Respect just became too Islamist and Muslim in nature even for the SWP. So much so that Respect meetings turned into wall-to-wall discussions on Pakistan and Islamic politics. The other reason is that the SWP is a revolutionary party which evidently will have nothing to do with parliamentary democracy (except it has asked its members/supporters to tactically vote for Labour).

Respect is revolutionary at heart too. However, it is ‘reformist’ or ‘gradualist’ in that it is using the system in order to destroy it from the inside. The SWP is leaving that ‘straight’ route for Respect because even though the SWP knows that the violent revolution is not on, it still manages its hidden revolution bit by forming and taking over groups and organisations as well as having a penchant for entry-ism.

So the SWP does the radicalising stuff while Yaqoob smiles for the camera, kisses babies and prepares for a possible seat in Parliament. Thus Respect and the SWP will form a pincer movement to destroy the capitalist system from the inside and the outside.
*) The Birmingham Mail article:


  1. You can tell Galloway is undemocratic just by listening to 10 minutes of his awful radio show. I've never known anyone to have a more biased and opinionated chat show.

  2. Are you talking about TalkSport? I think he stopped doing that a long time ago. He was probably sacked for being an exhibitionist loudmouth.

    Today he does all his work for theocratic Iran's Press TV.