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The Respect Party: Vote For Islam!

First posted: 27th April, 2010

(Photo below left: a very multicultural Respect meeting, which includes women from at least four different Pakistani villages.)

To say that Respect mainly deals with Muslim and Islamic issues is like saying that train spotters mainly spot trains.

For example, there is a Respect candidate, Samad Billoo (for Enfield Southgate, in north London – not to be mixed up with the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets), who is hoping to come up trumps in May by getting Muslims, and even some non-Muslims, to vote for him.

Respect is a party ‘for all faith communities’ (i.e., religions). That’s what it says on the tin. We know that that’s untrue. Respect itself knows that’s untrue. Take some of its pet ‘issues’:

i) Samad Billoo, of Respect, ‘hopes to tackle Islamophobia’. That, I think, has something to do with Islam and Muslims.
ii) Salma Yaqoob want to pull all British soldiers out of Afghanistan. I think that’s because it is a Muslim country and our soldiers are overwhelmingly infidels.
iii) Palestine and ‘the Occupied territories’ are always on the agenda at Respect meetings. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that Palestine is full of Muslims and the Israeli state is run by (mainly) Jews?
iv) And then there’s the many Respect meetings which cover most of what’s going on in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Are you getting the picture yet? Respect is a ‘communalist’ party. It is a sectarian party. It is a Muslim party. In fact it is more than that. It is an Islamist party - by virtue of the fact that it is a Muslim party and it is directly involved with politics. More accurately, it is an overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslim party and that’s why some people call it ‘the British branch of Jamaat e-Islami’ – which is a Pakistani party dedicated to violence and the establishment of a fully-Islamic state.

Samas Billoo believes that ‘there should be more inter-faith dialogue’. That is, more meetings in which Muslims sell their wares and convince Anglicans and Methodists with beards to further the cause of Islam. Thus they attract people like the Rev Ray Gaston of Birmingham – a Christian who ‘lived for a year as a Muslim’ (in his own words) and who used to also wear dreadlocks (what a postmodern hotchpotch!). You get a lot of non-Muslim oddballs at these interfaith meetings. Indeed it can be argued that for many Christians (and for zero Muslims), inter-faith is the faith which has effectively substituted Christianity. Thus Muslims are very happy about the rise of InterFaith and the increase in InterFaith meetings. They are doing Muslims a hell of a lot of good. Christianity, on the other hand, is rapidly dying in most areas. All that’s left in its place is InterFaith and a gaggle of InterFaith meetings.

What do these interfaith meetings actually achieve? Well, according to Samad Billoo, they help ‘develop community cohesion’. And we all like a bit of community cohesion, don’t we? Who wants war and strife? Actually, community cohesion is achieved by teaching more and more non-Muslims more and more about Islam and how important it is to Respect it. So much so that these festivals of Community Cohesion often involve non-Muslims dressing as Muslims and learning yet more about Ramadan or Eid. To such an extent that these non-Muslims often end up knowing more about Islam than they know about their own ‘faith communities’ (i.e., religions).

So community cohesion will be increased in Enfield, and elsewhere, when more and more non-Muslims know more and more about Islam. And if everything goes well, some of these infidels will Embrace Diversity by embracing Islam. Thus Community Cohesion will be assured when everyone is a Muslim and Enfield itself has embraced sharia law.

But what does Samad Billoo mean when he says that he and others must ‘deal with Islamophobia’? It sounds a bit scary to me. Ah, yes. Perhaps a few laws against ‘hate speech’? Or, to give these laws their proper description, a few laws to stop non-Muslims criticising the Koran, Islam and Muslims generally? Is that what he wants? What about increasing the council and Government propaganda which favours Islam? We already have some of that. They are called ‘interfaith meetings’.

Despite all the hype from Salma Yaqoob, and other assorted Trots and IslamoTrots, Billoo thinks that ‘Islamophobia is not a massive problem’ where he lives (in North London). Is that because everybody is a Muslim where he lives? You don’t get much Islamophobia in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Maybe not in Enfield, Manningham or Sparkbrook either. However, what Billoo actually says strikes me as being a bit of a non sequitur:

“Luckily Islamophobia is not a massive problem here and we shouldn’t let a handful of violent people in Islam hijack the agenda.”
Unless he is saying that it is Islamist extremists who are creating Islamophobia. Yes, that’s true to some extent. However, it goes against what the Islamists and IslamoTrots like Yaqoob say. They argue that people become Islamophobic simply because they hate Muslims and do not want to Embrace Diversity. That is, they are just nasty ‘neo-cons’, ‘Zionists’, ‘neo-liberals’ or ‘fascist bigots’ who don’t realise how intrinsically nice and fluffy Islam actually is. Or they don't realise how Anjem Choudary and That Lot are simply distorting the pacifist message of Mohammed (the warrior and mass killer).

Oh yes. Billoo also has a position, as he must do, on the ‘downgrading of the [health] services’. However, until he gets a Muslim or Islamic slant on the degeneration of our health services, he will not say too much about it. That is, he will protect the NHS a lot less than he protects Islam and his fellow Muslims. Still, it’s a start on his part. Either that or it is a cynical attempt to prove to people that he is nowhere near being an Islamist.

Then Billoo even has the time to throw in some deep and profound political opinions on crime. He says:

“A lot of time what happens is that youths get dumped out of education for one reason or another,” he said. “Maybe we can work with the local businesses to help offer apprenticeships too.”
At least it’s not about Islamophobia. However, I wonder if the ‘youths’ who have been ‘dumped out of education’ are Muslim youths who have been dumped out of education? Maybe some of these Muslim youths, especially if they are Pakistani, don’t actually need a job; after all, many of them are earning a pretty penny furthering the Crack/Heroin Jihad again the kafir. Others make a bit from prostituting white girls from council estates.

More on InterFaith

The only kind of people who indulge in InterFaith groups are the kind of people who indulge in InterFaith groups. Most Muslims and Christians usually don’t bother. In fact most of the Christians who do bother do so because they are really members of that new faith – InterFaith. The InterFaith religion does and says all the things which these InterFaith Christians wanted more of from their old faith. They wanted it to increase Community Cohesion and Embrace Diversity, as well as to help the disadvantaged and cry more for the foreign oppressed (usually in Palestine). Thus they have now put all their faith in InterFaith. They attend all the services or meetings. Old Christianity is just too white, middle class, capitalist and imperialist for these hip revs and vics (like Rev Ray ‘No Tie’ Gaston). At these InterFaith services, or meetings, one can talk about the Oppressed Palestinians and how deeply spiritual Hamas really is. They can also challenge politicians about Poverty and War and all the rest. None of these issues were properly addressed, they think, by traditional Christians and traditional Christianity (especially Anglicanism). On the other hand, at InterFaith services one can talk to ‘radical’ and ‘progressive’ Muslims who help the poor (through the Islamic tax, jizya) and who spiritually fight against those terrible Western leader in suits who fight their wars against Brown Exotics.

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