Saturday, 8 February 2014

The No Platform Policy of Esther Angel

First posted: 13th May, 2013

I received this Facebook message from Esther Angel:

"Let's make this very clear, you have libelled both Gilly and myself and repeatedly blogged and posted lies about us with our names and photos. Neither of us, including Peter Kalve, have ever worked or contributed to Hope Not Hate, SWP or UAF, so you have no leg to stand on and your allegations are both wrong and completely unfair since you blocked us and so have not given us the chance to defend ourselves against your allegations.

"I therefore wish to inform you of our intention to make a police compliant of harassment against you and if that doesn't deal with the issue in a satisfactory manner, then the next step will be civil action.

"Also do not post our photos without our consent."
This is her response to posts I have made about her on this blog; which I've also posted on Facebook.
This woman, who agitates for Hope Not Hate, has proved me right all along.

I went onto a Facebook page (“We Know HowYou Feel About Your So-Called Prophet”) and had various exchanges with people I had never spoken to before. It soon followed that I was banned by Facebook. One image was reported by a person on this page: Sophie Morgan. It was her image of Margaret Thatcher with an axe in her head. I posted it to show what hypocrites the Left were. Her image remained but I was banned.

I got back onto Facebook and had exchanges with other Hope Not Haters on this page. The same happened again. I was banned by Facebook. I guessed these people were responsible because I hadn’t had bad words with anyone else on Facebook. (Esther Angel, Gary Hastings and Gilly Levett-Carpenter.) This time they reported an innocent joke-image that was posted by me about four months ago (only on my personal page).
Gilly Levett-Carpenter

So I blocked all three of them and wrote posts about it on this blog. All along there was a systematic attempt to silence all opposition by reporting those they disagreed with to Facebook for various infringements. This is ironic, because one of my main arguments against these people was about their hatred of free speech and also Hope Not Hate’s “no platform policy”. And here they were implementing it by reporting me to Facebook; as they had done to many others on the same page (as well as many other people on other pages).

Yet, as you can see above, in an incredible screech of hypocrisy, Esther Angel complains about me blocking her. I blocked her after these people had got be banned from Facebook at least three times. That’s a case of blocking people who are trying to silence you. What on earth could be wrong with that? In any case, it wasn’t even banning her, or them, from a page. It was just a case of me blocking any exchanges with them. That is, I was my applying my own No Platform Policy to a staunch defenders and practitioners of it (even if not publicly). These examples of fighting fire with fire have been met with threats of police action and hypocritical comments about me being “unfair”. Can you believe that?

You see; restrictions of freedom and speech and the (Leftist) No Platform Policy are only meant to work in one direction: towards the entire Right – not just the “far right”. When they are fed their own medicine, they cry and threaten police action – the very same police these people hate and accuse of being “an arm of the capitalist state”. You know; the “racist police force” that should ban the EDL outright as well as ban all other right-wing groups.

Anyway. Her message is full of defects. I could run rings around every statement in it. But I won’t state my arguments now because that may give her forewarning of what it is I may say in my defence. That could only work to her advantage.

Nonetheless, I will make one point; just for starters. How on earth is someone who uses a fake name, ‘Esther Angel’, going to take action against anyone? The police will not act on people who have suffered “unfairness” under a fake name. I know this because this sort of thing has happened before and the complainant has always failed to successfully bring charges while using a false name.

Apart from that, everything else she states can easily be disputed. In any case, I reckon it was just a threat anyway. How do I know that? Because these extreme Leftists are always doing this. This is just another of their many ways of denying people the freedom of speech. It’s also another way of enforcing the No Platform Policy. The threat of criminal or police action is yet another way to silence people.

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