Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Fusion of Extremes: Nazism, Leftism and Islamism

The trick is, of course, to be against all totalitarian regimes and ideologies. We are against Nazism/fascism, Communism/Trotskyism and Islamism. The irony is that Nazis, T...rots and Islamists share a hell of a lot. Yet Trotskyists pride themselves on their war with Nazis/fascists; just as Nazis/fascists pride themselves on their war with Trots/Communists.

Take anti-Semitism. Islamism, and Islam itself, is intrinsically anti-Semitic. That anti-Semitism, or anti-Judaism, goes back over a thousand years before the creation of the state of Islamism. Trot/Commie anti-Semitism goes back to Marx, who had a Jewish heritage which he wanted or expunge or hide. Nonetheless, Marx spewed out a large amount of anti-Jewish hate and rhetoric. And Nazism... we know the score about Nazism/fascism.

So ain’t it ironic that British Nazi groups often rely on leftist anti-Semitic material to augment their cause. So much that Nazi groups have advised their members or supporters to check out the Guardian’s stuff about the evil that is Israel. These will have been written by Islamists or Communists/Trots. In addition, Nazis and Trots have travelled together to Israel in order to help bring about the extermination of Jews and the ending of state of Israel.

Islamists have also relied on leftist ideology throughout the 20th century. The very idea of ‘the oppressed’ was borrowed from the left. Also, the left/Communist Party invented Israeli racism and apartheid roughly after the 1967 War. Muslims lapped this up (as do Nazis).

So when EDL members say they are against the North West Infidels (NWI) and various Nazi groups, it is not JUST because of their anti-Semitism. The thing is that there is always a lot of baggage which comes with anti-Semitism, such as a hatred of parliamentary democracy, totalitarianism, the romanticising of violence, the role of elite groups (‘the race’s consciousness’, ‘the consciousness of the working class’) and, of course, a hatred of Western capitalism (as in Hitler’s National SOCIALIST Party).

When we reject Nazi, Islamist and Leftist anti-Semitism, we automatically reject all the shit which comes along with it.

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