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The Facebook Page: 'Exposing Racism & Intolerance Online'

First posted: 2nd July, 2013
There are many 'anti-racist and 'anti-hate' websites and Facebook pages on the Internet. For example, there's the excellent Facebook page, ‘Exposing Racism & Intolerance Online’. I’m sure that they will Embrace your very definite Diversity (in relation to their own Trotskyism/Communism). They will most certainly ‘tolerate’ and not ‘hate’ you. After all, despite the fact that Leftist regimes in the 20th century (from the Soviet Union, to China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea, etc.) were responsible for the deaths of at least 150 million people, for numerous examples of a state secret police, gulags, torture, deliberate and enforced mass starvation, liquidation of entire classes and ethnic groups, Jew-hatred, persecution of homosexuals (Cuba was big on this), mass conformity, censorship, etc.,  I’m sure that all these particular Leftists are very different (being English and often hip) and that they won’t carry out such Leftist Hate Crimes towards you – at least not until they have state power or after The Revolution.
You see these pages and blogs opposes hate and intolerance… but, of course, not Muslim hate, not Islamist hate and not their own very snobby and endlessly sarcastic Leftist hate. 
Some UAF 'intolerance' & hate against an old man.
There is no genuine love or decency from these people despite the pretence. They are simply keen on words like ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance’ for their strategic political value (as with ‘diversity’ and ‘community cohesion’). But what they always display, instead, is the exact opposite of love and tolerance - i.e., an intense hatred towards all the very many people who dare to disagree with them. Of course they will rationalise that Leftist hate, and that Leftist violence, with the idea that the enemy – all their very many enemies! – are evil (a word they don’t use but which they feel instead). Nonetheless, that’s precisely the excuse every oppressor and political user of violence has always used – that the evil enemies don’t deserve anything better and only violence and hatred will cleanse the world of their influence.

Leftists usually deny or distance themselves from the Leftist crimes mentioned above. (Though certainly not all of these regimes and crimes. In the cases of people like George Galloway and Seamus Milne, etc., not any of them.) Yet these people still believe in violent revolution, the use of violence on the street, printing the names, faces and addresses of the ‘far right’ on the Internet and Facebook, the banning of all ‘far right’ groups, mass censorship, and even in colluding with what they otherwise see as ‘the pigs’ (the police). If they believe in all that now, then what the hell would they do - and be like - if they had central or state power?
All this means that the admins of of these pages and blogs are extremely selective about the hate they oppose. And also very choosy about the intolerance they bring to light. In fact Leftist and Muslim hate won't be seen as hate at all by these people simply because it is Leftist or Muslim hate. They won’t see Leftist violence as violence either. Many of them won’t see the crimes of Leftist states as crimes or their mass murders as mass murders. It seems that if violence is Leftist violence, it doesn’t hurt. And if mass murder is carried in the name of Leftism, or Islam, then it isn’t really mass murder at all because it’s always for a good cause – for Leftist Justice and the Collective Good.
Some Leftist intolerance & violence from Dan Cole and Richard Purcell.
You see, to these overwhelmingly white, middle-class Leftists, only white people can hate and be racist. Actually it’s more specific than that. Usually it’s only the non-Leftist, white working class which, in their eyes, can hate and be racist; after all, they are nearly always white and middle-class themselves. This is the class they hate with a sarcastic vengeance for not embracing their own extreme Leftism. And have you noticed that everything these people write seems to have been written by the same person (“the Leftist herd of independent minds”)? Virtually all of it indulges in endless snobby sarcasm devoted almost exclusively to what they see as the foibles and vices of the white working class – or at least the right-wing ones.
So these pages and blogs, which are devoted to ‘fighting hate and racism’, are full of white, middle-class Leftists who hate the white, non-Leftist working class. They also manage to fuse both a class-hatred of - and towards - that class. 
No, not Auschwitz - the Soviet Gulag.
Leftists are also often, or usually, racist too - but only in a positive or inverted way (of course) - towards the mainly brown Muslims in the UK. And, to top all that, there is a Leftist tradition of Jew-hatred which pre-dates the creation of Israel by around a hundred years and even the rise of Zionism in the late 19th century by a few decades. (They like some Jews though: the Leftist ones! Jews like Chomsky and Norman Finklestein who have cleansed themselves of all Jewishness. Thus they are only Jews “on their parents’ side”; and, as these very same Leftist keep telling us, race alone doesn’t matter. I agree.)
The SWP-UAF's Martin Smith (in the glasses), before he was found out as a rapist.
And in former days, these very same Leftists (or their parents) were racist, though positive racists, towards blacks. So much so that they classed blacks who were Conservatives/Republicans, or who liked classical music instead of rap, or who criticised the Black Panthers, etc. as 'Uncle Toms'. Now they are doing the same with the Muslim Uncle Toms who aren't Islamist enough for their white, middle-class Leftist tastes.
Now think about that. Think about these mainly (by far) white, middle-class Leftists accusing blacks of not being black enough and Muslims of not being Islamic enough. Think about that and feel sick inside.

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