Tuesday, 11 February 2014

SWP-UAF Hates the (Non-Leftist) English Working Class (1)

First posted: 30th November, 2010

As we (the EDL) arrived in our coaches in Nuneaton, we passed a feeble and under-attended ‘anti-fascist’ demo. Actually, there were two counter-demos in the same space. One was held by Allahu-Akbar Muslims and the other by middle-class UAF/SWP. They were together in terms of space, but most definitely separate ideologically and in every other way.

I am waiting for the Islamists to sort out this UAF/SWP condescension. After all, these Trotskyite atheists believe that their Muslim 'friends' don’t believe in Islam and the existence of Allah because of religious reasons; they believe that Muslims accept these things because their socio-economic situations have made them embrace Islam – the opium of the people (Marx). Personally, if I were a Muslim, I would be disgusted by this Marxist middle-class condescension, but I’ll leave Muslims to fight their own battle – which is something the SWP/UAF rarely does!

What really got me about these far-left middle-class UAF/SWP counter-demonstrators was how they smirked when we protested against their counter-demo from our coaches. The far left has always hated the British working class. Once, the Fabians literally wanted to castrate the entire working class. Then the Communists and Trotskyites wanted to change it through ‘struggle’ and revolution. The working class never swallowed the far leftist lies about the ‘vanguard of the working class’.

Eventually, the SWP, etc., gave up completely on the British working class and embraced Muslims instead (after they'd used blacks and homosexuals). But for the same reasons. To condescendingly make them Marxist revolutionaries and radicals. They are going to fail big time. In fact, it is possible that there will be violence between these two groups. I give it five years. Friction has already started to occur between the Islamists and the Trots – two massively at-odds groups which share only the destruction of Western society as their goal (but that is enough!).

I am waiting for the day that the Trots (UAF/SWP) and the Islamists part company. It will happen the second that the Islamists believe they have enough power and enough numbers to go it alone. The alliance up until then has of course been utterly cynical – mutual using. The Islamists hate the atheistic materialist Trots. But at the same time they have realised that they can ride on the Trot wave – they’re so well organised and adept at making placards, etc.

I despise these middle-class far leftists for despising the British working class. They pretend it’s just the EDL they despise. But there are well over 50,000 active supporters of the EDL. Is it really the case that every one of these is a ‘racist thug’, or a ‘fascist bigot’, or a ‘knuckle dragger’? Why don’t these UAF/SWP types admit they are snobs in that great English middle- class tradition? Just because they are far leftists with pony tails, died red hair, rucksacks, etc. doesn’t make them any less snobbish than their parents, grandparents, etc. They are the same type of anti-working class scum who have redesigned the usual middle-class antipathy towards all things working class and given it ‘anti-racist’ or ‘anti-fascist’ clothing.

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