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Searchlight’s Nick Lowles speaks out against Islamic terrorism?

First posted: 25th July, 2011

[Left: Nick Lowles, a Marxist who works for the Stalinist journal Searchlight, has a lot to say about 'far right' extremists; but nothing at all to say about Islamic extremists (bar Anjem Choudary's gang). Above: Anders Breivik is actually on record as having criticised the EDL's ideological stance (e.g., its anti-racism). Though Breivik did say favourable things about the EDL's 'tactics' and strong support.]
Nick Lowles, the spokesman for Hope Not Hate, has at last spoken out about the threat of Islamic terrorism and violence in Europe and the UK.

Lowles has demanded that the Government ‘classify’ and ‘monitor’ what he calls ‘Islamic extremists’ in the light of the bombings in the UK, Europe and beyond. He went on to say:

"With evidence pointing to Islamist organisations favourably aligning themselves with Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Hamas, and the increasingly militant tone being taken by Islamists and Muslims across Britain, surely it is time for the authorities finally to take this threat seriously."

No he didn't say that! This is what Lowles actually said:

"With evidence pointing to Anders Breivik's admiration for the EDL and an increasingly militant tone being taken by EDL units across Britain, surely it is time for the authorities finally to take this threat seriously."
Isn’t it strange. This man, and Hope Not Hate generally, has never once talked about the threat of Islamic terrorism and violence in the UK and in Europe. Now, all of a sudden, when a member of the far right commits an outrage comparable to many previous Islamist outrages, they start bleating about the "threat of terrorism". Yet right-wing acts of violence such as these are extremely rare. Not so with the global jihad. Every week, dozens of innocent people die directly at the hands of Islamic killers; whether in the Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the Lebanon, Egypt or wherever.

Let’s get this is in perspective. Lowles, a communist/Marxist by his own lights (not only by my definition), is asking the police to come down hard on the English Defence League. Yet being a communist/Marxist, it will also be his view that the very same police are nothing more than "a tool of the capitalist state". But now, because we have a right wing problem instead of an Islamic or even a Leftist problem, he's begging the police, and the "capitalist state" generally, to ‘oppress’ (a favourite Leftist word used against the police) right-wing organisations like the EDL. In other words, an extreme Marxist is asking the police to come down hard on what he takes to be extreme right-wing groups and individuals... not down hard on Leftist extremists...

And certainly not down hard on Islamic extremists ... well, bar one - Anjem's Choudary's Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC), which Lowles has deigned to criticise precisely because they're cartoon Muslim baddies - and so obviously extreme. This will conveniently allow him to say about both MAC and the EDL: "Well, plague on both their houses." It's also meant to show us that he also has a critical attitude to Islamic extremists... But no! Lowles has a critical attitude to a single Islamic group - Muslim Against Crusades. So what about the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK)? What about the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain (both parts of the Muslim Brotherhood, just like Hamas)?

What about the Tower-Hamlets-council-connected Islamic Forum Europe (IFE)? What about the Muslim Defence League? What about the British-based arm of Pakistan’s Jamaat e-Islami, the Respect Party? What about the countless Islamic ‘charities’ in the UK which have dealings with Islamic terrorist groups? And so on!

In the future, then, let’s hope we’ll have a little less nauseating hypocrisy from Nick Lowles and other Marxists on these issues. When they start to speak out against Islamic

and indeed Leftist violence, then perhaps we’ll start to listen to what they have to say. Then again, people like Lowles either denied or ignored the massive dead-body count for which communists, from Mao to Stalin, were responsible in the 20th century. So ignoring (or playing down) Islamist violence, alongside playing up the threat from the far right, is part and parcel of the general ideological agenda of Leftists like Nick Lowles.
Why the police - that "arm of the capitalist state" - should take advice from a Marxist like Nick Lowles, I don’t know.

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