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SEARCHLIGHT Extends No Platform Policy to All Right-Wing Groups

Nick Lowles; who sees his own (Leftist) extremism in every right-wing group.

“… the emerging anti-Muslim extremists, those in the self-defined Counter-Jihad movement. And it is these groups and individuals who are a far more dangerous threat to local communi
s than the tiny neo-nazi parties like the British People’s Party or the Racial Volunteer Force. All too often those who profess to be militant anti-fascists ignore these more dangerous racist groups in preference for opposing the miniscule nazi grouplets.” 
Searchlight/Hope Not Hate’s Nick Lowles (16th January, 2013)

SEARCHLIGHT (which spawned Hope Not Hate) has just published an article on its “annual review of Britain’s far right”. 
One of its writers, Cato, is said to have investigated “a few of the ultra-right conservative groups”. 
Searchlight does most sincerely claim that not all these “ultra-right” groups are outright Nazis or fascists. But what else can “ultra-right” and “far right” mean? Does this simply mean that even Searchlight (otherwise written by various Dave Sparts) would be embarrassed by calling, out-rightly, some of these groups “Nazi” or “fascist”? However, they don’t need to because they know that “far right” or “ultra-right” means fascist or Nazi to them. They also hope that it means that to others. And everyone else knows they mean fascist or Nazi by “far right” or “ultra-right”.

For example, I've never heard a single argument by Searchlight, the SWP-UAF, Hope Not Hate, etc. as to why or how ‘far right” can be distinguished from “Nazi” or “fascist”. That’s because these people don’t see such a distinction – even if there is one to be made by others.
For a start, are there any right-wing groups which are not far right according to Searchlight? If so, which ones are they? I bet they can’t name a single one. 

                ... casts its "anti-extremist" light in every direction... except in Leftist and Islamic directions.

In the 1980s, when Marxism was more honest and open, these people classed the Conservative Party as being "far right" and even “fascist”. (Chomsky not only calls Israel a “Nazi state”; he also says the same about the United States - which he thinks needs to be “de-Nazified”.) If that's the case - everyone who's right wing, or nationalist or patriotic, is actually far right according to Searchlight. There are no fine gradations here. There’s absolutely zero subtlety or sophistication. It’s first-year student stuff or possibly Dave Spart’s very own work. Above all, it’s all a neat and tidy way of dismissing every person who disagrees with Searchlight’s Marxist “analysis” (if that’s what it is) of every form of nationalism or patriotism.
Basically, every single Nationalist and patriotic group in the UK is on this list. This means that Searchlight completely rejects not only all patriotic or nationalist groups, but also the right of their viewpoints to so much as exist. This isn't a surprise in that Searchlight is a communist organisation. Not in the conspiratorial sense of “communism” used by genuine Nazis about everyone who disagrees with them (thus replicating Searchlight's black-and-white ideology in inverse); but in the sense that it has been closely allied to communist and other Leftist groups; its founder was a member of the Communist Party; and Nick Lowles himself once belonged to various extreme Leftist groups (whose extremism far outshines the “patriotic” or “nationalist” extremism of most of the groups and individuals on this list).
So what is all this? What's the undercurrent of the article? This: 
That there should be (yet another) Leftist No Platform Policy (NPP) upheld on every single one of the groups and organisations listed.

Searchlight demands an admittedly toned-downed version of the Soviet Gulag to silence views it disagrees with or finds unpalatable. Of course it’s not literally the Gulag. It’s not as extreme or even as arbitrary. But that’s simply because the communists of Searchlight (amongst whom there are Soviet Union - and even Stalin – apologists) haven’t got the requisite political power to bring about the New British Gulag they so yearn for.

These people ease their qualms about agitating for a No Platform Policy (the Lesser Gulag) because they convince themselves that the Right – not only the “far right” – is both evil and dangerous. Thus it must be destroyed in all its forms and manifestations. As the Left often puts it, the entire Right must be destroyed “by any means necessary”. (E.g., by “lying for Justice” by calling all opponents “racist” or the now fashionable “Islamophobe”.)

It's of course the case that the use of the word 'far right' is just another word-weapon (or scare-word) used by Searchlight - and other soundbite-Leftists - because they hate debate and have the same totalitarian mind-sets which the real Nazis they claim to fight against display. 
Searchlight is the inverse of the Nazism/fascism it's fighting against. Or, by another image, Searchlight and Nazis meet on their respective extremes. They fight each other because they're rival political power-blocks fighting over pretty much the same bones. That's why both promise zero unemployment, new selfless leaders, the punishment of evil bankers, rights for the poor, death to "neo-cons" and "neo-liberals" and so on. That is, both Searchlight communists and Nazis promise the world that they'll "destroy capitalism" and create some kind of Utopia (even if the word 'Utopia" is never used).

*) The profoundly subtle and sophisticated Marxist analysis itself:


Comments on the Searchlight Article on the Website:



 Tim Bragg 12 hours ago

    Sigh! English Green is NOT anti-immigration - though we WILL discuss the effect of mass as opposed to organic immigration - it is not about population control (per se) rather population growth - it links the obvious ecological connection between the two. It IS about human and animal welfare (regardless of human race or animal species) - it IS a realist ecological organisation that allows debate...It is CERTAINLY not conservative - and I wonder who does the research - if any one cares to read anything I have written they'll see that. But I believe in the good of folk so maybe English Green will either be re-framed for its positive nature or quietly removed. Further English Green is/will be linked to "any other nation" green...and in that sense it is (as an ideal) global. One tries to do something bold/universal and truly GREEN and it's as if - no-one in this organisation has actually understood EG's ethos. Thanks for reading.

  • Kevin Fannan 13 hours ago

    The BPS are anything but 'far right', sorry could not read far into this blinkered claptrap. So badly researched!!

  • B.P.S 14 hours ago

    If you're going to include us in this list at least get your facts right. The British Patriots Society is a patriotic organisation and not a nationalist one. David Roocroft is not a co-founder, Sara Roocroft is the one and only founder. I'd sack your researcher if I were you, very poor libellous reporting.

*) Note: ... and what exactly does "quasi-patriotic" mean (as in the title of the Searchlight article)? Does it mean simply this? - Supposedly patriotic but actually far right, Nazi or fascist.

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