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Searchlight & Angie Choudary's Big M.A.C.: Plague on both their houses

First posted: 12th September, 2011

So Nick Lowles’s Hope Not Hate has a new strategy. Instead of only calling the English Defence League ‘extremist’, why not call a single Islamic group, such as Muslims Against Crusaders (MAChoudary), ‘extremists’ too?
Hope Not Hate or Searchlight or Nick Lowles) really thinks it's onto a winner with this "plague on both their houses" gimmick. Its new mantra is that the EDL and Muslims Against Crusades are "as bad as each other".
But what about this Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Hope Not Hate and Muslims Against Crusades? After all, the Communists or Stalinists of Hope Not Hate truly are extremists. Communists generally have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths over the last century.
Hope Not Hate/Searchlight is dedicated to a particular extreme Communist ideology. As an anarchist group once put it: the
"anti-racism aspect of Searchlight is just a means of getting across the extreme ideology of revolutionary socialism".
So Hope Not Hate has cleverly decided to say that "we have extremists on both sides". That is, both the EDL and Muslims Against Crusaders are equally extreme. Thus if even the far-leftist Searchlight is willing to call at least one Muslim group ‘extreme’, then that must surely mean that more mainstream groups (such as the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain  and indeed Unite Against Fascism and Searchlight itself) must not be extreme – quite simply because they (Searchlight) have opposed a single extreme Muslim group.
Now the only difference between these groups is that Muslims Against Crusades is more honest than the more formal groups. They more or less admit to wanting the deaths of British soldiers, full sharia law, etc. And, of course, they demonstrate in provocative ways.
The problem is that the MCB, MPACUK, Islam Forum Europe (IFE) and the MAB believe in many of the same things as Muslims Against Crusades. The only difference is that they don’t march under the headings of their organisations. Indeed how can we call the MCB and MAB ‘moderate’ when both groups support Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the Islamification of Britain through the slow introduction of sharia law? If anything these groups are worse than Muslims Against Crusades because they are more insidious, ubiquitous and powerful. The former is just a silly little fringe group.

The person who first said "we have extremists on both sides", Sonia Gable, is the deputy editor of Searchlight, ex-National Front and the fourth wife of the Stalinist founder and current publisher of Searchlight, Gerry Gable.
The people who run UAF and Searchlight don’t believe in parliamentary democracy or freedom of speech. So which group, exactly, is truly extreme?
It is just too convenient that Searchlight is saying that both Muslims Against Crusaders and the EDL are extreme. Who wants lessons in extremism from Trots and Stalinists?
Hope Not Hate/Searchlight’s ‘plague on both your houses’ is a complete gimmick anyway. Why has Nick Lowles only just discovered Muslim extremism? Why does he think that only Angie Choudary and Islam4UK are extreme (thus leaving out MPACUK, MAB, MCB, IFE, the Islamist thugs at Tower Hamlets, etc.)? And there's no comparison to be made anyway.

The Muslim extremists want a complete world-system of Sharia. The EDL is concerned primarily with the Islamisation of England.
Muslim extremists believe strongly in terrorism. The EDL doesn’t.
The EDL accepts and supports parliamentary democracy. Muslim extremists, and the SWP and Searchlight, don’t.

The list of differences is long.

Until very recently (a few months ago in fact) Nick Lowles and Searchlight never had a single bad word to say about any Islamists and Muslim extremists.
Now, all of sudden, they have. The previous policy of seeing and hearing only right-wing evil simply wasn’t working for Lowles and Searchlight. Pointing out exclusively right-wing wrongs was seen as hypocritical – as it was. And, as I said, it wasn’t working for them.

Then, all of a sudden, Lowles starting saying that some Muslims were indeed extreme as well!
But only some Muslims and Islamists. Lowles now focuses exclusively on the ‘mad’ Angie Choudary and his Muslims Against Crusades. That way, of course, Lowles can deny any hypocrisy; even though he's ignoring the many more extreme - and far more dangerous - Muslims and Islamists in the UK (e.g., MPACUK, MCB, MAB, Muslims4UK, the Tower Hamlets’ Islamic Mafia, etc.).

So we don’t buy Lowles' reworked hypocrisy.
It simply doesn’t wash, Nick. Try again.
Lowles has deigned to criticise the cartoon Muslim baddies - who're so obviously extreme.
What about the Tower-Hamlets-council-connected Islamic Forum Europe (IFE)? What about the Muslim Defence League? What about the British-based arm of Pakistan’s Jamaat e-Islami, the Respect Party? What about the countless Islamic ‘charities’ in the UK which have dealings with Islamic terrorist groups? And so on!
In the future, then, let’s hope we’ll have a little less nauseating hypocrisy from Nick Lowles and other Marxists on these issues.

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