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Salma Yaqoob: Defending Islamic Terrorism Since 1998

First posted: 30th March, 2011

[Left: Martin 'no balls' Mullaney and Salma 'Muslims can only be victims' Yaqoob. Both career politicians who say what has to be said in order to retain their careers.]

EDL Extra comments on the Birmingham Post news item, 'Salma Yaqoob accepts 'grudging' apology from Martin Mullaney in Birmingham council extremism row', March 29th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


Birmingham city councillor Salma Yaqoob has welcomed an apology from fellow councillor Martin Mullaney after he accused her of being a Muslim extremist, even if it only came after the involvement of the Standards Board. [Why did this coward apologise? Not because what he said was false. It was largely true. But because he wanted to save his political career. As a career politician, apologising was more important to him than upholding the truth of his accusations against Salma Yaqoob.

Yaqoob is a ‘Muslim extremist’. How else can you describe someone who has been the Proud Defender of Islamoterrorism Since 1998? This was when she ran the ‘Justice for the Yemen Seven’ who were accused of terrorism by the Yemeni authorities – not by Zionists or the US. Some of the accused were related to Yaqoob. Some were from Birmingham. Two were also related to Abu Hamza. Small world.

The terrible thing about all this is that the Wikipedia article on Yaqoob doesn’t even mention this little event in her life. Instead it simply regurgitates Yaqoob’s own lie that she became politicised when she was spat at after 9/11. That actual spitting event is probably a Yaqoobite lie as well! In addition, she is a blatant Islamist who has also somehow fused Trotskyism with her Islamism (actually, the two anti-Semitic totalitarian ideologies are very much alike).] Coun Mullaney, Liberal Democrat councillor for Moseley and Kings Heath, said he “apologised unreservedly” for stating that the Respect councillor for Sparkbrook supported stoning people to death and wanted to see Britain become an Islamic republic. [As a Muslim, and most definitely as an Islamist, she quite simply must support wholesale sharia law. If she backtracks on this here and there, as with Hadood Law, that will be for strategic political and career reasons; not unlike Mullaney really.

Perhaps she doesn’t, strictly speaking, want the UK to be an Islamic Republic. As she said she did, though she now claims it was ironic, way back when she wrote an article for Inayat Bunglawalah's Trends. Despite the irony of that article, she still managed to make her Islamist points and have her dig at Salman Rushdie and Western society as a whole. Her poor attempt at humour in that article was simply a ruse for her to deny its actual defence of Islamism and even of an Islamic Republic in the UK.] The back-down came after a stormy council meeting which saw Coun Yaqoob refuse to join a standing ovation for war hero Lance Corporal Matt Croucher, who won the George Cross for bravery in Afghanistan. [She is fundamentally against the 'Zionist-Crusader' state that is the UK – not just the US. The sooner gullible liberals and MPs in Birmingham realise this the better. She is an IslamoTrot. She would not use that term; but neither would she deny her commitment to ‘progressive politics’, as she would put it. And that revolutionary progressive politics is not just the domain of Respect; it also includes the SWP/UAF and many Islamist groups. ‘Progressive’ simply means far left or Trotskyist nowadays. It is a bit of taqiyya, in other words.

Her disgraceful behaviour in Birmingham’s council chamber is simply another example of the many, many things Yaqoob has done which prove that she despises ‘liberal capitalist democracy’ and that she obviously wants revolutionary ‘regime change’ here in the UK. Again, gullible liberal and even Conservative councillors and politicians should simply look at the many IslamoTrot articles she has written for Leftist websites, the Guardian, Islamist websites and even the stuff she writes on the Respect website and her own blog. What the dhimmis shouldn’t rely on is what she writes for or in the Birmingham Mail/Post or what she says on Question Time. Like Tariq Ramadan, she says different things to different audiences. Indeed, just like Hamas - which she also supports, if not on Question Time or in the Birmingham Post/Mail.] The snub led Coun Mullaney, the city's Cabinet Member for Leisure Sport and Culture, to suggest Coun Yaqoob would have stood to applaud a suicide bomber. He wrote on a website: “I can only assume that if one of the failed 21/7 London suicide bombers had been in the council chamber, Coun Yaqoob would have been demanding the council applaud the failed suicide bomber for their past heroic actions. [No. She wouldn’t have applauded the terrorist act. That would have been political suicide. She’d have rationalised the act of terrorism, explained it, justified it and even sympathised with it. That’s what she would have done and what she has done.] “If Coun Yaqoob had her way, she would be implementing Hadood Law, with hands cut off and stonings.” [First the nice bits of sharia law, such as the ‘civil cases’ of marriage law, and how to get cats down from trees in the true Islamic manner. Then the slippery slope of sharia law begins to get even more slippery. First the nice bits of sharia law are demanded. Then the slightly-less-than-nice bits. Then, eventually Hadood Law with hands cut off an’ all. Alternatively, if the Yaqoobites had power, they could implement full sharia law straight away.] Coun Mullaney’s comments were described at the time as “malicious and extremely damaging” by Coun Yaqoob, who demanded an apology. [It might even have been the case that this cowardly Mullaney didn’t even slag Yaqoob off for genuine political and moral reasons. Perhaps it was just local council realpolitik – a manoeuvring for power and votes within Birmingham’s council chambers. Typical local politics, in other words. After all, if his criticisms were genuinely moral and political, why has the hypocrite taken them back? If what he said was true and right, then why is it suddenly false and wrong now?] At least two councillors reported Coun Mullaney over the incident to the city’s Standards Committee, which could suspend him from the council. [Muslims perchance? Either that, or Leftists – perhaps other members of No Respect. And why should someone be suspended for telling what he or she took to be the truth? If that truth is unpalatable or extreme, that’s the fault of the person being accused, Yaqoob, not the accuser. You cannot hold back simply what you accuse the other of is extreme or unpalatable in the council chambers of Birmingham.] His conduct was also criticised by Birmingham Lib Dem leader Paul Tilsley, although the party is not taking disciplinary action against him. [The Lib Dems have always been up the arses of not only Muslims, but also Islamists as well as Palestinian terrorists like Hamas (check out the disgraceful words of Baroness Jenny Tonge and other Lib Dem Islamophiles or dhimmis).] Coun Mullaney published the following apology to Coun Yaqoob: “I have been made aware of a couple of formal complaints to the city council’s Standards Committee about comments that I recently made relating to you which could potentially have been damaging to you. [Some people’s careers need to be damaged, such as Hitler’s, Pol Pot’s and Salma Yaqoob’s.] “I recognise that my comments were unfounded, insensitive and overstepped the mark in terms of the code of conduct for members. [‘Unfounded’? He doesn’t really believe that! His career is calling him again, not his conscience. ‘Insensitive’? I hope so! ‘Overstepped the mark’ - according to whom? According to Yaqoob and all those dhimmis who inhabit the council chambers of Birmingham?] “As such, I apologise, unreservedly, to you, the complainants and the members of the Standards Committee for those remarks and the hurt that they, undoubtedly, caused. “I hope this draws a line under the matter.” [This ritual self-abasement is obscene. Who would ever trust this man again?] Coun Yaqoob said: “I accept the apology, but it is a shame that it has come in grudging manner after the Standards Board became involved. [Of course it’s ‘grudging’. He still may believe what he said was true and that even the way he said it was correct. He’s only apologising to save his career.] "It proves that I do not have the views attributed to me in the statements by Councillor Mullaney. [It 'proves' that does it? That's a pretty poor use of the word 'proof'.] "People may ask why he remains a Cabinet member after this episode. There should be no place in Birmingham for the politics of bigotry and malice.” [Yaqoob wants his blood, as she does with all her many ‘enemies’ (a word she often uses against those who dare to disagree with her ‘progressivism’ or, to give it its proper name, IslamoTrotskyism). No ‘place of bigotry and malice’? Except IslamoTrotskyist bigotry and malice, which she frequently displays in print and ‘live’.

Did anyone ever see this IslamoTrot hypocrite incite Muslim hooligans to riot and attack the kuffar in Birmingham - August 8th, 2009? What did she say or rant? ‘Whose streets? [Muslims’] streets! Whose streets? [Muslims’] streets!...’ Immediately after that, Muslims did indeed reclaim ‘their streets’ and also beat up any non-Muslim shopper they could lay their jihadist hands on. Now that’s bigotry and malice! That’s IslamoTrotskyist ‘street politics’.]

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