Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rev Ray Gaston: a Debate in the Stirrer Forum

First posted: 2nd October, 2010

“Ray Gaston is the interfaith enabler at Queen's College. He was 'Muslim for a Year' to help him understand the Muslim faith. I assure you he is a Christian as I have heard him speak (to a very middle-class young white Christian audience) and he has a gritty, intellectual theology that is quite fascinating for like-minded Christians like myself. Makes idiots like the 'Reverend' Robert West look like an amateur (but to be fair he probably is)."

RSP: "Rev. Gaston seems intellectually eccentric. He supports groups that are not just different, but logically contradictory. Hard-line Islamists and Muslims, far-leftists, Islam, Methodism, he wore dreadlocks, etc. I detect a method in his madness. He supports all groups that are not ‘white and middle class’ or part of the ‘Establishment’. He supports all the people who aren’t like himself and his family – white and middle class. Good luck!

Gaston once said ‘Jesus was queer’. Would he dare say, ‘Mohammed was queer’? I don’t think so. He also did work for the ‘gay community’. What do his Muslim friends think of that? Or does he hide it in such a presence and only bring it up in the company of ‘white middle-class’ people like himself?

Why is his theology ‘gritty’ rather than inconsistent, etc? Fill me in on that please.

“So you are complaining that Ray Gaston has embraced multiculturalism? In your first post you were complaining that Respect were not multi-cultural enough. There is only one person being inconsistent here, and it is not Ray Gaston.”

RSP: "No. I see it as bogus and/or politicised multiculturalism - like Yaqoob's and the Yaqoobites. Respect in Birmingham isn't multicultural - it is mainly bicultural (Pakistani Muslims and middle-class left wingers). So there is no inconsistency there at all. If Gaston were truly multicultural he would attend fox hunts, go to bingo, visit working men's clubs, visit the opera, and all the rest. But all these things aren't left wing or trendy, of course. I wish Gaston and Yaqoob were true multiculturalists. How many Hindu friends - real friends - does Yaqoob genuinely have? What about Gaston? Does he mainly inter-faith only with Muslims?

“He would have no reason to say 'Mohammed is queer', because he is not a Muslim. As a Christian theologian, he has a greater freedom to speculate on Jesus' sexuality and he is hardly the first. As to targeting his message to his audience, perhaps he is just taking St Paul's advice in 1 Corinthians 9:19-24.”

Come on! I think Stalin was a bastard, but I'm not a communist. Gaston wouldn't dare say that 'Mohammed was queer'. He'd be ostracised or killed within a week. So why doesn't any Muslim theologian say 'Mohammed was queer'? Because you can't say such things. But you can say such things about Christ.

Some Christians have also told that if someone 'lived as a Muslim for a year' he must have been an actual Muslim for a year. And, after, have been guilty of apostasy from Islam! Let’s hail the Islamic death of Ray Gaston!

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