Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Posh Fabians: Posh Trots

Posh Fabians, circa 1920s. They wanted to change the working class; through eugenics experiments if necessary.

“Most leftist and student organisations have a poor opinion of the working class and their ability to understand their 'progressive' causes. A tiny minority of socialists/communists with a libertarian bent are into absolute freedom of speech but the vast majority - those influenced by Lenin, Trotsky, etc - have contempt for the intelligence of workers.” – Stuart Maxwell

That’s why they’re exactly the same as the deeply posh Fabians of the 1910s,20s and 30s. The Fabians despised the habits and attitudes of the working class and even believed in carrying out eugenic experiments on them.

The Trots are exactly the same class and have the same attitudes. The main difference is that the Trots are revolutionaries and the Fabians weren't deemed to be so. But both groups wanted to change the working class. The SWP/UAF, etc. also wants to lead it. The Fabians wanted to rule the working class – which is not that different from leading it.
Posh Trots, circa 2012. They want to lead and change the working class; through revolution or "radicalisation".
Now many Trots have given up on the working class and have embraced Muslims/Islamists instead. They won’t have a chance with them. But the Muslims will get a lot from the Trots – they already have! COUNTERFIRE (the New SWP) have almost explicitly given up on the working class and will now embrace any group which they can use (but the Muslims use them).

There were always a tiny minority of working class Trots (many more working-class Communists); but they rarely had positions of power in the various and many Trot groups. If anything, Trots were mainly upper-middle-class; again, like the Fabians.

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