Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Noam Chomsky Is Not a Jew

Noam Chomsky thinks that the United States should be ‘de-Nazified’. Yet he has publicly supported Hezbollah, Hamas, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao.

His entire life has been devoted to two things.

One, rejecting his Jewish heritage; which he does with his anti-Zionism and, indeed, with his Jew-hatred. (He learnt a lot from another Jewish Jew-hater, Karl Marx.)

Chomsky is screaming:
Look at me! I’m not really Jewish. I am against the state of Israel. I’m not a believer of Judaism. Jewish culture? It means nothing to me.Thus, Chomsky is only Jewish in a blood/racial sense. And, according to Leftists like Chomsky, blood/race account for nothing. So what’s left which makes Chomsky Jewish? Nothing! His hatred of Israel and ‘rich Jews’ effectively comes from a non-Jewish Marxist.

It’s not just the Jews, or Zionists, he hates and wants to annihilate. After the 9/11 atrocity, Chomsky said:

‘At last. We have a blow to the Motherland. They are fighting back.’

These freakish Muslim terrorists were fighting against the Motherland? Really? Is that why 99% of the victims were not actively involved with politics? Not only that. There were many Muslim victims of this attack.

In other words, Chomsky champions an attack which left very many civilians dead. They were killed for being American. Perhaps not a single military man was killed that day. Thus civilians are fair game to Chomsky; just as five-year-old Israeli kids and women are for Hamas.

Did Chomsky believe that the 9/11 attack was unscrupulous and ‘disproportionate’ - as he continuously claims about Israeli actions against the Palestinians (in a war to stop their own annihilation)? Of course not. The Brown Exotic is a member of the Oppressed - Leftist theory thus saves him from any guilt or culpability for his crimes and murders.

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