Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Martin Smith (SWP/UAF) is a Beast!

First posted: 27th April, 2011

[Above: Martin 'runs with Muslims' Smiff -the Brad Pitt lookalike.]

Why has it been a little hard to make out if Martin Smith (a leader and spokesman for Unite Against Fascism (UAF)) is still a leader or even a member of the Socialist Workers Party? The reason is that he's been systematically sexually intimidating young female SWP members. So much so that even the SWP, which otherwise believes that anything goes if it furthers the revolution ('all means necessary') made him resign his post as the SWP's National Secretary. That is, he had to resign from the SWP's ridiculously-named Central Committee (otherwise known as 'CC' to Trot bores).

Let's put it the way a fellow Leftist, Andy Newman (of Socialist Unity), put it:

“Actually, Martin Smith had to resign as a national secretary, due to the scandal of him sexually harassing a woman SWP member in Birmingham over a prolonged period.” (14th April, 2011)
So it all occurred in our very own Brum. Or did he only get caught for what he did in Brum?

[Image above: Martin 'sleep with me for the revolution' Smith engaging in sophisticated Marxist theory.]

If you think about about it, Martin 'Quasimodo' Smith would have to force himself on young female Leftists because they wouldn't give him even a minute otherwise. He's a deeply ugly, sad and obsessive Far Leftist. So even though he no doubt tried to impress these Leftist chicks with obscure quotes from obscure books by Trotsky, even that wouldn't have helped him get laid. Thus the sad git appears to have 'sexually harassed' them instead.

There's lot of detail and more evidence of Martin Smith sexually harassing women for Justice all over the Internet. The Commies noted it months ago. But they would, wouldn't they? Socialist unity!

[Above: Martin the fashionista.]

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