A couple of days ago, in a blog by the name Political Scrapbook, something was posted on Jonathan Portes' tweet about Tommy Robinson's (of the EDL) purported anti-Semitism

Jonathan Portes is a mass-immigration zealot. He thinks, or thought, that the Labour Party’s massive social experiment, or piece of social engineering, in mass immigration was a good thing for the UK; especially since he had some political and ideological control over that experiment on the British people – who, incidentally, certainly didn’t vote for it. (Yes, I know, the term ‘social engineering’ is often a cliché. However, this was certainly a social experiment on anyone’s terms; even the Labour Party social experimenters themselves would agree on that – as some of them have!)
In direct response to all those terribly ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’ and/or ‘xenophobic’ responses to the these mass social changes, the unlimited-immigration evangelists want – or need – all patriotic movements to be racist: this will make it all the easier for them to first disparage and then destroy them. There is a problem, though, with this scam: some – or even many - of these movements aren’t racist! And that’s why the zealots need to invent - or lie about - the racism instead.

Tim Stanley of The Telegraph
If these shallow theory-intoxicated Leftists and 'progressive Tories' - including The Telegraph's Tim Stanley (we already know all about the New Progressive Conservative Party) - only knew about the hassle and violence Tommy Robinson has actually received because of his support of Israel and the Jews, they would eat their words… Actually, they wouldn’t. They never do. They would offer ‘auxiliary arguments’ – Marxist-style - instead. 

Now for a bizarre fact.  Tommy Robinson has also received fierce criticism from Leftists – perhaps the very same ones!  - for his support of Israel and the Jews! Now how ironic is that?

As usual, Leftists, and some Telegraph journalists, portray most non-Tory patriots, and especially all counter-jihadists, as racists. So then the thing is that genuine clod-hopping National Socialists smell that bait and come along to EDL demos, etc. expecting to find only racists. And I guess that this is precisely the result many of these Leftists wanted all along! Again: all the better to destroy all contradictory views on Islam and mass immigration. Once more, many of these Socialist Nationalists sniff around the EDL precisely because the Left has sold them the lie that all patriotic and counterjihad groups – and I mean all – are racist. Thus the Left scores itself another goal with its obvious ‘lies for justice’.

(On a personal note, I too have received much hassle and some violence from genuine Nazis. And to think that these disgusting hypocritical Leftists accuse me and other patriots of being ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis’.)

Above and beyond all that, the Left should get its own unruly and racist house in order before it pontificates about  anti-Semitism and racism generally. 

Karl Marx is on record as first expressing his virulent Jew-hatred in 1843. That's around four decades before the beginnings of modern Zionism (in the late 19th century) and over 100 years before the creation of Israel. The (mainly Marxist) Left has been a domain or aggressive Jew-hatred ever since. Why? Primarily because, as with their Socialist Nationalist brothers, they associate the Jews with capitalism (despite the Chomkys, Finklesteins and Marxs of this world). That Leftist Jew-hatred was passed on, through the late 19th and early 20th centuries, all the way to Stalin (who, just before his died, was planning to build concentration camps for the Jews). And the contemporary Left is still carrying on that Leftist Jew-hating tradition when they talk about Israel. In fact Leftists or 'progressives' often use the exactly the same words and arguments contemporary Nazis use.

As usual, the Nazis get it all wrong because even though there are numerous non-Marxist Jews, and very many who aren’t at all fans of mass immigration (in any shape or form), because these Jews are still Jews (by blood and therefore regardless of their beliefs), none of that matters. Thus the National Socialists pick out only the Jews who fit their agendas and prior racism. All those Jews who don’t fit those agendas and stereotypes (is Pamela Geller a believer in ‘mass immigration’ and Marxism?) are simply ignored or accused of being 'typically Jewish' in a completely different way! Yes, 'all Jews are Marxists'... and, well, 'capitalists' too. After all, the Nazi get-out clause for this is that Jews ‘bat for both teams’ in order ‘to control the world’ (Or it is ‘bat for all teams’?) Thus such Jew-hatred can never be contradicted because of all these ‘auxiliary arguments’ and get-out clauses are used to deflect the particular Jews who don’t fit the Nazi picture. So all these conspiracy theories  about the Jews are, as Karl Popper put it about ‘pseudo-scientific theories’, unfalsifiable.

Many commentators have also frequently said that Leftists and Nazis ‘hate each other because they are fighting over the same bones'. That is, both Socialist Nationalists and International Socialists hate capitalism, Israel, 'Zionism'. They also promise us full employment, selfless leaders, jam tomorrow and a New Order (that unspoken Utopia).

So I wonder if English Nazis know how many favours they are doing the Left. I know for a fact that many Nazi websites and blogs provide links to those many Guardian articles on the pure and unique evil of Israel and the ‘Zionists’. I also know that some Nazis have travelled with Leftists to Palestine in order to fight against the Jews... sorry, against the Israelis or 'Zionists'.