Monday, 10 February 2014

John Rees supports women's rights in the West...

  “Western imperialism and the new regimes must give the illusion of change for things to remain the same. The movements in Egypt and elsewhere created a revolutionary process with the power to overthrow the system, not merely to gain reforms. They must struggle for a permanent revolution to achieve far-reaching social and economic change.” - John Rees

“....the ripple of the revolution are still spreading deep into Egyptian society.... the revolution is not over.... If the forces of the revolution are to step forward as a hegemonic force in Egyptian society they need to find a way of reaching deeper into the society around them than they have done so far.” - John Rees, 28th May, 2012

- John Rees is ex-SWP, Iran's Press TV, the Islam Channel, the Stop the War Coalition, The People's Assembly, Counterfire and no doubt some other Trotskyist front groups too. 



Sexual violence, harassment and trafficking combined with a breakdown of security, high rates of female genital mutilation and a rollback of freedoms since the 2011 revolution put Egypt at the bottom of the poll.

* 99.3 percent of women and girls are subjected to sexual harassment.
* 27.2 million women and girls - or 91 percent of the female population - are victims of female genital mutilation (FGM).
* 63 percent of adult women are literate.

(Sources: U.N. Women, UNICEF, WorldBank)


*) In other words, things got much worse since the 'Spring Revolution” in Egypt. John Rees preferred the Muslim Brotherhood regime to what came before simply because – and it really is a simple choice for Rees – the Murbarek regime was “capitalist” and “pro-West”. In the Manichean world of Trotskyists - of capitalism versus the rest - things really are that simple.
John Rees supports women's rights in the West (because it is a means to fight capitalism)... but not in the Muslim world (because not supporting them  is a means to fight Western capitalism). That means that he is a racist if that racism is a means to fight Western capitalism (although some may qualify his racism with the words "inverse" or "positive" - as in "inverse racism").

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