Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Islamophobia Watch's Bob Pitt

This is the unscrupulous, opportunistic and principle-less (excepting the principle of “smashing the state at all costs”) writer for the unscrupulous, opportunistic and principle-less website – Islamophobia Watch. (See Bob Pitt performing for Muslims in the YouTube video link below.)
Bob Pitt is probably the most dangerous kuffar (also an atheist Trotskyist) enabler of Islamism in the UK. He defends not just Muslims no matter what they say or do, but mainly (much more so) Islamists and Muslim fundamentalists no matter what they say or do.
The logic is simple. If Bob Pitt didn’t defend every single bad deed of every single Islamist and Muslim fundamentalist, then that would work against his own cause – the cause of “radicalisation” (or even revolution). This man believes, believe it or not, that enabling Islamists, etc. will further the radicalisation of the UK. It will help Trotskyists like him chip away and help destabilise “the state”. 

So though it seems like madness itself for an atheist Marxist to support reactionaries, religious fundamentalists and misogynists, the help he gives is for a reason. Enabling these extremists will help destabilise British society, as well as the “capitalist state” itself. That can’t help but further UK radicalisation and even revolution. Any crisis or trouble helps the Cause. That’s why Trotskyists like Bob Pitt have always believed that
The worse things are; the better they are.
Defending Muslims who believe in genital mutilation, Sharia Blasphemy Law and terrorism within the UK itself, will make things worse – and will thus make things better (for Trotskyists… Islamists… and Nazis). That explains why this man supports Muslim extremists no matter what they say or do. His own cause, radicalisation-through-destabilisation, benefits from such opportunism and unscrupulousness. And that is why Marxists, for the last hundred years or so, secretly love it when there is mass unemployment or the latest “capitalist crisis”. They love it! Such disasters provide the breeding grounds for radicalisation and well as being helpful when it comes to recruitment for the Trotskyist/Marxist cause (such as new recruits into the SWP-UAF). 
That’s why they say that there is a Capitalist Crisis every single year. They’ve been saying that for at least the last hundred years. They want capitalist crises! They want mass unemployment. Just as they want Islamic agitation and extremism. All these things contribute to the “fight against capitalism”.
All that is at the heart of Bob Pitt’s Islamophobia Watch; not any deep love of Islam or Muslims.

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